Wildly Incompetent Manager Fires The Wrong Employee

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    Font - r/ProRevenge + Join u/Artilleryman08 • 14h Incompetent manager fires the wrong guy After I came back from Kosovo with the US Army I got lucky once and landed a really great job. I was contracted to work as a liaison in several parts of the world. Our team would basically go somewhere, figure out what needed done then make it happen. For example, my first assignment was back to Kosovo and several towns needed various construction projects. Thinks like a bridge over a creek, a town communit
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    Font - The first team I worked with was amazing. We were able to get so much accomplished, and genuinely enjoyed working together. We also had to figure out how to do everything. Our instructions were: 1. Go to (insert place) 2. Find out what needs done 3. Get it done Somehow, we figured it out. Sometimes it was happy accidents. We made a million dollar deal because we accidentally ran into the guy we needed to contact for funding in a random bar. We had been trying to find him for days. Found h
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    Font - Anyway, eventually our contracts ran out and I was the only one who signed on for another year. My teammates had families and I was single at the time. When I met the new team, I knew almost instantly that this was going to suck. A team consisted of 4 people, a manager and 3 liaisons. The 2 other liaisons were among the two unhappiest people l've ever met, and I could never figure out why. Those guys griped and complained about every thing. We all got great pay, often it was tax exempt, w
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    Font - Even worse than those two guys, was our manager. Who ever taught this guy about leadership should be flogged. He supposedly learned from being an officer in the US Army, and also from his business degree at UCLA, but somewhere along the lines he missed all the lessons about teamwork, management, and literally anything related to managing a team. When we met I told him that I would be happy to help him start building a relationship with all out contacts and make his transition for the new
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    Font - Ok. He also decided to lay down the law, again reasserting that he was the boss. Also, the new rules were no consumption or possession of alcohol. No leaving the lodging or workplace in off duty hours. We worked from 6 am to 5 pm local time Monday through Friday. Basically on our off duty hours we stayed in our rooms or within whatever facility we were lodged in. "You're not here to be on vacation, you're here to get your jobs done." We were back in Southeastern Europe at the time, and I
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    Font - So yea, off to a real great start. It was less than 2 weeks before it came to a head. We had gotten nothing done. Nothing. The manager refused to used the contacts I had acquired over the last year, instead preferring to go through "official channels." So I started just doing stuff myself, I made the calls, I got the funding, hired contractors, ect. And went and saw my lady friend after hours. He had this really funny thing he did where he would yell at me for "going behind his back" but
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    Font - Just before I turned in my laptop and cell phone I went through and deleted everything. Some of the files that I couldn't get in trouble for keeping I saved to my own computer. But the rest were gone. This was all my contacts, all my notes. How to get money, where to get contractors, private numbers for hundreds of people. In the hands of even a moderately competent person this was a gold mine of information. All gone. I spent a while just kind of floating around before eventually going h


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