Electrician Discovers Unwanted Guest In Couple's Attic, Emotional Rollercoaster Ensues

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    Font - drew olanoff @yoda actual thing our electrician just said: you have a raccoon nested in your attic. did you guys eat king snow crabs, because he has a bunch of them up there. (we did not have any snow crabs)
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    Primate - drew olanoff @yoda GIF
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    Rectangle - drew olanoff ... @yoda i am surprisingly calm.
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    Font - drew olanoff @yoda apparently it has been there for a really long time because it has, in our electricians words, "a nice setup" it also hissed at him.
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    Font - drew olanoff @yoda "it's got a lot of them snow crabs, they're stickin up in the air"
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    Font - drew olanoff @yoda april: it must be hot up there, how is he comfortable? me: we have a massive exhaust fan, it's probably the coolest room in the house.
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    Font - drew olanoff @yoda this is the sl t they don't tell you about before you move to the suburbs.
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    Human body - drew olanoff @yoda ... *OF COURSE THIS SITUATION WILL BE HANDLED HUMANELY*
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    Font - drew olanoff @yoda hearing my wife on the phone repeat "yes, we have a raccoon in our attic, can you help us?" over and over has me laughing my off.
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    Font - drew olanoff ... @yoda we're calling a place called "critter control"
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    Font - drew olanoff @yoda we're getting as many appointments as possible but this calendar invite sent me » April Conyers Invitation: Raccoon Removal @ Wed... You have been invited to the following... 10:06 AM
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    Font - drew olanoff @yoda i know april is nervous because she just gave a wildlife place her name and said "april, like the month" WHICH SHE NEVER EVER DOES
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    Human body - drew olanoff @yoda she's giving someone a credit card number so this might be good news
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    Font - drew olanoff @yoda apparently we should be charging rent.
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    Rectangle - drew olanoff @yoda *PHONE RINGS* "Yes? Hello. Yes. We have a raccoon in the attic. Yes. We'll be home all day. Yes. OK. Sounds great. Perfect." - April
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    Sky - drew olanoff @yoda It's somewhere in there. It's very spacious tbh.
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    Plant - drew olanoff @yoda I am so removing this sign
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    Font - drew olanoff @yoda we think kris will be here around 2pm ET fyi Maggie Backus 3 reviews · 2 photos 4 months ago This is our second time using A Wildlife Pro. Skunk removal is no joke of course because they stink. Kris came out the same day I called and set humane traps. I love animals but I don't think I could confront one that is stressed out because he's in a cage. It's amazing to watch them get the furry or feathery critter and take them out of the neighborhood. Thanks so much Like
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    Font - drew olanoff @yoda our guy pat who is working on the bathroom just got here. i told him the story about the raccoon and his first question was "where the f lets from?" did it get the crab GREAT QUESTION PAT
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    Font - drew olanoff @yoda all of these interactions need a philly accent tag. trust me, it's great.
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    Plant - drew olanoff @yoda kRIs is here yo Married Electrie www.Married 484-524-5265 LCENSDA D
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    Human body - drew olanoff @yoda "It's very hard to snare a Raccoon in a small attic." - Kris
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    Font - drew olanoff @yoda "It's basically a dog fight." he says. BUT WITH A RACCOON
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    Circle - drew olanoff @yoda pray for him.
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    Font - drew olanoff @yoda we can't hear anything, so no wonder why this raccoon has been living rent free in our attic.
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    Plant - drew olanoff @yoda Ok folks. Here's the last update. What a ride. It wasn't a raccoon it was a possum. And more wasn't crab legs. Everyone is safe.
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    Font - drew olanoff @yoda This is a very happy ending.
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    Font - drew olanoff @yoda moral of the story: see something, say something. when you live outside of a city, there are critters who will invade your space. please do your best to find a humane solution.
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    Font - drew olanoff @yoda oh and for those of you that have asked, we are of course not upset with our electrician. they're fantastic. he felt bad, but we told him not to!


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