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Tumblr Animal Posts Of Hilarity And Ridiculousness

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    Rectangle - ectoplasm-bodyshots omg there's a dog in my yard this is the best day ever hello fuzzy baby friend ectoplasm-bodyshots NOT A DOG NOT A DOG BEAR ABORT ABORT ABORT wexdarn Rolling a 1 on a perception check

    Pssh, have we not all made this mistake at one or other point in our lives? All cute animals are dogs first in our minds, that is the only thing that could ever explain why we want to pet every cute animal. Not everyone has done this? Oh. Well, now we just feel silly. Kidding, bear- cute- brain malfunction. 

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    Terrestrial plant - saltysurvivors Gonna tell y'all what I can hear now that I got my hearing aids saltysurvivors Birds! They chirp and it's so beautiful. saltysurvivors Far away cow moos saltysurvivors My friend has this is his back yard and to say I cried is an understatement. saltysurvivors My best friends singing voice saltysurvivors Chickens: *chicken noise* Me, sobbing saltysurvivors The filter for my fish tank! Bubble bubble bubble saltysurvivors I sit in the bass section in band. Today I

    Okay, wow, fine, like- we did not expect this level of wholesomeness to hit us out of nowhere like that. Ugh, we love how many animal sounds this person felt the need to post about. Nature - yes - that is something so amazing. We can only imagine experiencing it like this for the first time.

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    Product - nosebacon: emaciating: duel-styx: Pet beds were on sale AND I had a coupon so Guts got a new bed. It's very plush he likes it a lot, that's a weird looking dog but he's still a cute dog its nice you bought a bed for your croissant.
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    Font - william-snekspeare "When you're in your bee suit and you feel sweat running down your back, that's fine. If you feel sweat running up your back, that's a bee" -Some beekeeping advice my mom gave me today lumpyspacewarrior I thought "bee suit meant like a bee costume until I read the word beekeeping unclefather Not everything is about your kinks
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    Font - austriea: man you know what I want? a superhero series where they have powers that 100% contradict their personalities. a fishermans daughter who lives by the sea, swims every day, learns that she can control fire. a boy who's mortified of heights but realizes he can use antigravity and hates it. someone who was bitten by a dog as a child, suffers extreme fear around animals, can now communicate with them. they're all disgusted by their powers. write a book
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    Font - literal-ghost: fierysigma: adriofthedead: zzdigital: What if someone got bitten by a vampire, but didn't realize it. So then they go around and keep misidentifying all the symptoms, like "Dude, you haven't gone outside in a while." "Yeah, last time I went out I got this wicked sunburn." "Are you still up?" "Yeah, I started bing watching this show on Netflix." "Dude, I'm seriously craving something right now." "Like what?" "I dunno. Pizza rolls?" "Why is it that you never come into my hous
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    Font - seattlempd S allpurposepanda Follow starlightomatic Follow do fish ever get to repent? or are they doomed to swim around forever bearing the sins we have tossed to them to consume over the many years? starlightomatic Follow if you are interested in the real answer, it's that fish are immune to sin. we have apparently extrapolated this based on the fact that Noah didn't have to take any on the ark and they were not destroyed in the flood, so presumably no fish had ever transgressed, even i
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    Font - drakensberg psyduck is probably like. the most achievable pokemon probably. like i don't think i could teach a cabbage to grow legs and be a bulbasaur but there's probably a certain threshold of mental torment i could subject a duck to that would make a psyduck poupon Hot take: this is how we got Canadian Geese.
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    Font - REI tilthat TIL that B.F. Skinner, a famous psychologist, instilled superstitions in pigeons by giving them food in a cage at set time intervals. The pigeons responded by forming rituals, which they believed brought them the food, such as bobbing their heads or turning counter-clockwise. via reddit.com lamassusoup PIGEON RELIGION
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    Font - queerkoya Follow Hozier liked leon O @leyawn 13h scientist (shows me photo of a raccoon eating garbage): please identify the animal in this picture me: big mood scientist (to soldier): tase him again frogmp3 Follow "Hozier liked" 405,670 notes A
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    Product - queercaduceus E desolation5row Follow despazito • Gorillas can be killed by land mines placed along forest paths. i was reading wikipedia about threats to gorilla conservation and i am deeply ashamed to admit that the mental image upon reading that a gorilla could step on a landmine made me laugh waluigis-apartment why does this read like a patch note 10,030 notes
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    Black - junowo Follow i'm so used to how my cats behave that i forgot rudy doesn't have low light vision like them, so i'll come out of my room after dark and turn on my phones light and there will just be a pig in the middle of the room who, from his perspective, thinks i just fucking teleported in front of him and this happens and he's always VERY startled wizardgirl artist rendition of an event that happens nightly
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    Font - wumblr today i saw a cat who immediately and casually hissed at me on sight but after i said "that's rude" he meowed politely wumblr odds-in-ends-my-friends Just tryin out some noises

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