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Top 20 Memes of The Week - Cheezburger Users Edition #210

  • 1
    Cat - I'm not stealing from you, human, this is cat tax!

    It all makes sense when you explain it like that, feline friend. Cat tax is a very necessary part of the human-cat relationship. You're familiar with the term "give and take" yes? Well think about it like this: human gives, cat takes!

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  • 2
    Cat - Why are roosters the only animal allowed to start the day screaming?

    Now that's a very good question that we humans do not feel a strong need to know the answer too! Just as long as it keeps being a thing, we will be satisfied. Plz don't start screaming in the morning, feline friends. 

  • 3
    Food - tax cat about to take his rightful cut. ICANHASCHEEZE URGER.COM
  • 4
    Cat - You don't have to google it, I'm always right!
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  • 5
    Cat - ARTICLE Would you rather I start my day with a SCREAM?
  • 6
    Vertebrate - l'll take over, go have your litter box break,
  • 7
    Cat - Is that the can opener? Dinner time !
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  • 8
    Cat - When you spy P. on them because they has cheezburgers
  • 9
    Cat - why cheeze in cake and not in burger
  • 10
    Snow - Kitteh's "Snow Emergency Route"
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  • 11
    Cat - Xmarks the spot. aifinkso
  • 12
    Product - ( THINK MY CAT IS A NUN
  • 13
    Cat - I did a little mechanical work today. Iput a rear end in a recliner. ICANHASCHEEZEURGER.COM
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  • 14
    Cat - ..and for my next trick I will make this goldfish disappear!
  • 15
    Plant - Game over. Best twolout of three?
  • 16
    Cat - If you can't change the world. change how you look at the world.
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  • 17
    Cat - Thank you for the lovely charcuterie plate
  • 18
    Cat - We looove you.. We love you so0000 much... Whimper.. Just sit still and let us love you... So help me don't you dare move! Hooman take the catnip collar off me please now hurry!
  • 19
    Cat - But I CAN'T use thatone It's a doggy door
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  • 20
    Cat - Found my foil hat. You can turn the tvon now. ICANHASCHEEZBURGER.COM

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