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Corgi Butt Appreciation: Only The Sqooshiest And Floofiest

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    Look back at it

    Dog - LOOK AT DAT CORGI BUTT memegenerator.net
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    Butt wiggle and giggle


    If only I knew how to dance like a corgi shaking his butt, then I could have starred in a Shakira music video! I think we could all learn a little something about the way corgis move their bodies. Talk about confidence!

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    Making an old time joke a little bit better

    Dog - GUESS WHAT? CORGI BUTT! imgflip.com

    Guess what? Chicken butt! Except this time the punchline is a whole lot cuter. I feel like we all need to rebrand this joke and use corgis from now on. We should all get a corgi as well. Just as a general thing. Everyone should get corgis and send us pictures of their booties. 

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    Taking “calories go to your butt” to a whole new level

    Food - POPSUGAR This Bakery in Japan Makes Corgi Butt Buns Filled With Jam or Custard, and Oh My God
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  • 5

    Corgi butt or loaf of bread?

  • 6

    A little butt break

  • 7

    Mommy, is that you?!

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    Watch me while I walk away

    Wood - mora Go
  • 9

    If you think walking on these legs is hard, try swimming!

  • 10

    50/50 Corgi or potato

    Dog - LOOK!!!! A POTATO CORGI. memegenerator.net
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    I'm tired of entertaining you. Now get back to work!


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