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Cats Looking At Their Humans With Love In Their Eyes (Tweets)

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    Cat - why you should have a cat @CatsPics_ ... I want someone to look at me like this 9:19 PM - Oct 3, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 42.6K Retweets 2,002 Quote Tweets 263K Likes

    If this is not love, what is? If you cat is hugging your arm like this and doing nothing but looking up at you with admiration, you have found what all of us are looking for. Because you know that this little dude could decide to be a jerk and bite you right then, but it decided to look at you with love instead. 

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    Cat - Michelle @Glitter_n_Games Replying to @CatsPics_ Oskar, our cat, looks at my husband like he is the sun and the moon.

    Now we are wondering if this cat does not look at the wife in this way… and if so, why? Lol, sorry, we know that is not the point. Let's look at how adorable this cat is and how much love this cat is showing in those calm, serene, beautiful eyes. Hypnotizing, really. All you have left to do is slow blink at the cat back. Maybe then the cat will love not just the husband… whoops. 

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    Photograph - ... K8 @friendsofdeath Replying to @shouldhaveacats My cat after I was gone for a whole week at the beach
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    Hand - Shanzie ... @shan_the_druid Replying to @CatsPics_ My cat last night. She chatters too. We talk about the game.
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    Cat - The M.C. Master @mcmaster_beth Replying to @shouldhaveacats and @ngyntlinh
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    Cat - Black As Fuck @KodyLee_ Replying to @shouldhaveacats and @emmaceratops
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    Cat - E. ... @Esinheisenberg Replying to @shouldhaveacats There's someone looking at me like that
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    Cat - @darleneordanza Replying to @shouldhaveacats ... @callmequake_ DEACH UNION BLUBR
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    Cat - yasmin @yasmxnt ... Replying to @shouldhaveacats
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    Cat - Made in Lidl she/her x2 @plsklcz Replying to @CatsPics_ She looked at me the same way. She died at 14 y/o, a month ago... I miss her everyday, I lost a part of myself when I lost her
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    Photograph - DEVASHA Werewolf Vtuber ... @MyWerewolfGF Replying to @CatsPics_ I had this once... he passed away during the night about a month ago. My heart still hurts.

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