I Can Has Cheezburger?

Rise And Shine With Fresh Animal Memes (October 10, 2021)

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    Plant - Don't ask questions. I am plant

    Anyone who has cats never even considered questioning this little dude. We all know that cats refuse to abide by the rules of gravity. They will sit anywhere, they will fit anywhere, and sometimes, they'll sit sideways on the arm of our couch just to mess with us. We love cats. And we love this little floofball. 

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    Dog - Respect to this single mother doing whatever it takes to get an education IG: @tank.sinatra

    Hey, sometimes you really do have to prioritize. And we agree with this dog momma that our doggo babies should be our first priority basically anytime and always. We respect this hard worker - talking about the dog, of course. Look how exhausted this poor baby is. Smh. 

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    Dog - Not pictured: my drunk wife loudly singing the Jurassic Park theme
  • 4
    Cat - Afternoon me The lunch packed by morning me
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    Plant - I feel like this thing could rip my soul out by just looking at me
  • 6
    Dog - So I face swapped my husky and kitten and it's the greatest thing I have ever seen
  • 7
    Hairstyle - When you are indeed, that witch
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  • 8
    Nose - when u own a dog 1104204 FERL 6. PGUP 8 TER Ino INTER CAL
  • 9
    Water - when the humans are too close to finding you and you gotta become the glock ness monster
  • 10
    Cat - Chick-fil-A NED a TIEAR NO Oerio ARM Chick-fil-A Taem the size of.... two sauce
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  • 11
    Dog - This is Eddie. He works as a therapy dog for kids in intensive care. His bag is full of toys for them. He even wears a hospital ID with his picture on it
  • 12
    White - LOST DOG NO REWARD : KEEP THE DOG IDENTIFYING MARKS: Should answer to "Daisy" but doesn't Will bite blonde children • Hates Cats and seagulls PERSONALITY: Angry at the world Yappy Last seen darting across Linden Avenue and causing a minor car accident.
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    Dog - AWARE OF DOG pleas pet dog MAX IM A KOOPA Follow @meakoopa did...did he make the sign?
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  • 14
    Cat - IS "If I get out of this alive, I will shred you while you sleep."
  • 15
    Cat - Only a cat can be this exhausted from doing nothing all day
  • 16
    Wood - His house has 6 beds and four couches and this is where he chooses to sleep 月
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    Organism - Another day begins but why insta raccoon.gram

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