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Informative Thread: How To Comfort A Scared Guinea Pig

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    The thread began with this guinea pig, Frito, who was adopted a week ago.

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    Awww, moving to a new place can be very scary for a pet. Whether it's a cat, a dog, or a guinea pig, a lot of pets can be pretty shy or scared when they first move to a new location. Especially if they've just been adopted. Let's see what advice people offer:

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    Try singing to your guinea pig!

    Rectangle - fuckysprinkles · 11h Sing to her! It helped me bond with my pigs immensely. I wish I had known about it sooner. I sing to them every time I walk into their room, every time I leave, and randomly whenever I feel like it. They are in my computer room, so we hang out a lot when I am home :) After a period of silence, when I start to sing, they will very often respond with a chaos of happy wheeks and chirps. It's extremely adorable!

    This is such a cute tip! Imagine singing to your guinea pig multiple times a day. That's definitely a really funny way to break the ice, don't ya think? In any event, it's definitely worth a shot, worst case scenario your guinea pig will cover its ears.

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    Give your guinea pig a playmate!

    Human body - PaladynSword · 13h Also, guinea pigs need to be with other guinea pigs. It isn't healthy for them to be alone.
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    Give the guinea pig time to adjust.

    Human body - PaladynSword · 13h Patience, he has to get used to you. Hand feeding him carrots will help, once food is associated with you things will begin to warm up.
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    Try feeding your guinea pig from your hands.

    Human body - awsfhie2 · 13h Mine did that at first too. She will be fine. Try hand feeding her veg which she's in her cage, could even start by letting her do it from the pigloo
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    Be patient!

    Human body - awsfhie2 · 12h That's ok! Mine used to do that too, even after I had them for a while. I would say it takes a month or two for them to get comfortable. But you will def see improvement before then!
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    Start by petting your guinea pig, then move to cuddles.

    Font - simonsayssure · 12h After mine decompress for a few days, I kind of force them to be loved. I start with pets then move to cuddles because they have to get used to being handled, they won't just jump in your hand one day. Also, they can be bought with fresh veggies and soon enough you won't be able to do anything in your kitchen without being screamed at. We were on vacation and my boyfriend kept hearing phantom wheeks when he'd crinkle something lol
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    Let them adjust to the sound of your voice.

    Rectangle - HostileBiscuits · 12h It took our piggies like 6 months to get used to us but it was great when they did. I used to say "hey boo boo!" in a high pitched voice everyday before I left to work. The piggies would get so excited. No food needed to be given at that time. Just pets. But I do think they thought of my voice as a chance for treats lol
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    Listen for your guinea pig's squeaks.

    Font - itsamemommio88 · 11h Any veggie treats fed holding from your hand. If at first he will not approach, hold it in there for a little bit and call his name, and wave it around so he gets the scent. If he comes over and takes it, that's an amazing sign! If he doesn't that's OK too, call him over let him know it's there and wave it around and then set it down close to him. Eventually, over the week, when you start calling him over and waving a veggie around he will come over happily to greet y
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    Try using a soft cloth to handle your guinea pig.

    Font - ShaRightAsIf · 1h This is what I did with my timid girl piggie. Also, Use a soft cloth to pick him up, set him down and for lap time. During lap time: • Encourage him not to hide by feeding him his favorite snacks. • Stroke him and talk lovingly to him. Mine likes stokes on her snout & under her eyes. • Don't force him not to hide. If mine is sideways I just lift up the cloth a little bit, so she sees me there. • If mine wants to completely hide I put her back in her pin. I hope this help
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    Thanks to all of the advice, Fritto's going to be just fine!

    Human body - papa_robot OP · 11h Thanks everybody for your advice. I'll be more patient and try not to rush it. Usually I can get my hand under his blanket and scratch him between the ears, without him fleeing


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