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Pets Going For A Ride: Phenomenal Photos Of Animals In Cars

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    'Front seat driver''

    Vehicle - Micreso

     We're always impressed by how completely and utterly random some of the photos that land on our desk end up being. For example this one. There's clearly a story here, but a delightfully weird one. Is this a house cat, or a wild cat? If it's genuinely a wild cat, then why is it sitting on the dashboard of a car? Ahh, questions, questions, questions…

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    ''Budgie babies are going on an adventure''

    Bird - ID 00

    Ah Budgies, also known as budgerigars, which is their longer name, also known more colloquially as parakeets. Do you ever wonder why the word for parrot and the word for parakeets are spelled completely differently? In any event, we hope this super delightful duo enjoy their time behind the driver's seat. 

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    ''Traffic was ruff''

    Car - ARTY 処方せん受
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    ''In their usual travel positions, ready for the next adventure''

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    ''You get a lot of time to think on the open road''

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    ''Go for a ride?''

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    ''My puppy Tjabi going for a ride''

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    ''Mummy, can I drive car?''

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    ''She’s not a fan of car rides''

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    ''I call shotgun''

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    ''Pupper delivery service, only good bois may apply''

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    ''He's late for work.''

    Car - ERG

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