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Cats That Are Definitely Familiars to a Witch

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    Cat - Is my cat a witch? No disrespect Question So I truly am asking this question seriously and mean no disrespect. I have had a cat for a year now, she just showed up. The peculiar thing about her is that she loves tarot cards and crystals. She picks cards out and sleeps with my decks. She often sleeps my crystals and gifts them to all the family members, even the dog. Her favorite is rose quartz. Do you think there is something to this? Could she have been a person turned into a cat? I don't

    Reddit user Messyadri brought this cat to our attention. She's one of those cats that just seems to know about the occult...she loves tarot cards and crystals, and even gives them to people. U/messyadri thought she might be a witch...

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    Cat - whatinthefuck- 3m Cats are regarded as witches familiars for a reason. She's probably your familiar. Came to you, charges your decks and crystals with her energy. They are guardians of the truest form. weecantelope 3m I don't think she's a person who is a cat, but I think she's probably more along the lines of a familiar.

    Most people in the comments felt that rather than a witch this cat was probably a familiar. They thought she came to U/messyadri to be a guide and helper in magic, and she seems to be doing just that. Others thought she might be a reincarnated spirit or another magical creature.

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    Cat - * Magical Cat World Mapinal @magicalcatworld Like and share! Welcome to Magicalcatworld.com #pet #adorable #cat #kitten #pets #kitty #kittens 6:53 AM - Apr 22, 2018 · Magical Cat World

    If you don't look into this cat's giant eyes and immediately think she must belong to something beyond this world, then we don't even know what to say to you. She looks like she can see the future and deep into your soul. Would you let her look?

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    Product - Magical Cat World Mip @magicalcatworld *.. Incredible! Find a huge range of products for your furry royals! #pet #adorable #cat #kitten #pet... 2:23 AM - Apr 23, 2018 - Magical Cat World

    Furry royal is a perfect way to describe this cat, who surely wields some high-ranking magick and was probably taught by his witch mistress. He lives in that treasure chest because HE is the treasure.

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    Cat - Posted by u/saxybanana212 2 years ago Is my cat a witch please confirm VirtualToddler · 2y Seems familiar though 41 3 Reply Share [deleted] · 2y Underrated comment.

    Another Reddit user, saxybanana212, had a question about a their cat who seemed to know that brooms are made for more than just sweeping. It seems clear that he's either keeping the broom warm for its next rider or doing some kind of magical engine maintenance--both common familiar tasks. Or he just wants attention.

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    Cat - She's beauty and she's grace, she has a comically adorable face, she's a little scared of witches but she knows "familiar" is her rightful place.
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    Cat - She's wearing a hat and cloak--what more confirmation do we need? This cat is absolutely a witch, and a fierce one at that. Via Cosmopolitan
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    Cat - Some witches...are wizards! I would like to think this beautiful boy is best friends with the witch cat, and the two of them exchange spells and have long nighttime conversations together. Via Cosmopolitan
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    Cat - This wizened kitty looks like he's lived through many moons, and nothing says "familiar" like the wisdom of the ages. He would certainly help his witch friends with spells and cuddles.
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    Cat - Posted by u/VLStetson 2 years ago Magic Cat Donkey-Haughty · 2y Surly this cat miaows in Latin? Hefferman1990 · 2y Khajiit has wares if you have coin, never has been so appropriate HeraldofMarbas · 2y 100% a witch
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    Cat - Just found this amazing little magic shop, but the shopkeeper is absolutely refusing to wake up and transfigure back into a witch.
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    Hat - Why witches only hang out with black cats REVILO

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