Dude Argues With Karen For Seat, Wonders If He's The Karen

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    Screenshot - Posted by u/GreXlxL 23 hours ago 2 AITA for being a Karen and demanding my seat? Not the A-hole I know but hear me out. A bit of context , this happened in the Uk London. I booked a ticket for Sunday evening to go back to my apartment (Northampton ). Due to an accident on the tracks a lot of trains have been delayed or suspended indefinitely, I found this out at the station
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    Font - A couple of hours before I was about to start making my way home my ticket to go home was cancelled, refunded and given the option to buy a new one which I did, it came with a seat but I didn't pay too much attention to it. When I got to the station it was packed to say the least, trains were getting cancelled and delayed left and right my train got delayed multiple times but luckily it arrived.
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    Font - Since the train station was so packed it was a rush to get in the train made harder with my mini suitcase I was pulling along, I was scanning my ticket and remembered it came with my designated seat, I relaxed a bit knowing that at least that was secure. The trouble was when I got to my seat someone was sitting in there, I politely informed the woman that the seat she was sitting on was reserved for me and I have the ticket to prove it. She looked at me and said: "sorry I was here first y
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    Font - We went back and forth about it with here refusing to budge on the mater and me getting more and more annoying. I was annoyed and lost all my patience and simply said: "Look, we all payed for a ticket but mine came with that seat and I'd like to sit there as I paid for it so get up". At this point you could hear the anger in my voice and people started to notice and take sides some thought I was in the wrong and should screw of, some said it's my seat as stated on the ticket so she should
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    Font - After 10 minutes and another delay (the train was at the platform the whole time) she reluctantly got up and sat next to someone else, I apologised for the disturbance, I put my suitcase up in the overhead luggage storage, sat down and put in my AirPods and calmed down with some music. She got of at the stop before me (wolverton) and gave me a dirty look through the window. In hindsight it's was a chaotic situation to say the least but I still believe I was in the right but I also think t
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    Rectangle - D giantass-le84 - 23h Partassipant [1] NTA you paid for the seat it's yours simple as that
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    Font - Cocoasneeze · 23h Professor Emeritass [81] NTA That "someone like you shouldn't harass an innocent lady like her" took me out though. Like what made you a 'someone like you' and the woman somehow 'innocent'.
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    Font - zippy_zaboo · 23h Colo-rectal Surgeon [35] NTA. Seat. Reservation. It means what it says.
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    Font - nekonojoo · 21h Partassipant [2] Former rail worker. Normally during disruption all reservations are suspended and it's a free for all, especially with the amount of delays you are describing. However, if what you say is correct and reservations are still in place, then NTA, you reserved it, you get it. If reservations were suspended then it's more ESH because it sounds like there was a lot of bickering over a seat during an already difficult time. For future reference, if you do get a re
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    Font - MySpiritAnimalIsJinx · 23h Partassipant [1] NTA Why is this such a common thing for people to do? It should be pretty clear that if you paid for a thing, you should get the thing. FULL STOP.
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    Font - StAlvis · 23h Prime Ministurd [513] NTA It was YOUR seat.
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    Rectangle - yachtiewannabe - 23h Certified Proctologist [28] NTA and I will die on the hill with you. And fork the person who tried to shame you and call you a bully.
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    Rectangle - DeathGP · 23h Colo-rectal Surgeon [34]| NTA- No argument here, you spent money for something you expect that something, that seat is yours.
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    Font - Thia-M3762 - 23h Colo-rectal Surgeon [33] I believe you were in the right. You paid for that specific seat and that seat is yours. She was a jerk for not getting up. NTA
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    Font - worryaboutYOUhoe · 23h Certified Proctologist [24] NTA. If the situation were reversed, how many people would accuse this woman of bullying? She's just mad you didn't take an L for her and give up the seat you paid for. You had absolutely nothing to apologize for.


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