Chris Evans Is Engaged In Amazing Twitter War With A White Supremacist, and People Are Calling It Most 2017 Thing Ever

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    For starters, Chris Evans has always been about vocalizing his beliefs on the Twitter:

    Text - Chris Evans Follow @ChrisEvans Just think for a second if these men yelled YOUR name while committing this despicable act. Would tweeting about SNL still be your priority? 11:43 PM - 4 Dec 2016 t19,946 47,585
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    Since last year's election, he's held nothing back in the way of condemning Donald Trump and the alt-right:

    Text - Chris Evans Follow @ChrisEvans Then put your money where your mouth is and help eliminate the electoral college. 11:33 AM - 15 Nov 2016 t16,759 43,349
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    Most recently, he's been going at it with David Duke, a US white supremacist and former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan

    Text - Chris Evans Follow @ChrisEvans If David Duke....DAVID!...DUKE!... thinks you're right, then you are unequivocally wrong. The confirmation of @jeffsessions is beyond words. 4:41 PM-8 Feb 2017 t21,301 49,467
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    Since then, Duke's directed a series of incendiary tweets at Evans, calling him a 'dumb actor' and supportive of 'jewish extremists'

    Text - David Duke @DrDavidDuke 8 Feb Typical dumb actor - if everything I say is wrong, then when I say I oppose these Zionists wars, you must be for them, Captain America!? Chris Evans Follow @ChrisEvans @DrDavidDuke well if these nuggets of bigotry are some of your OTHER thoughts, then I stand by my original tweet 10:59 AM -9 Feb 2017 TOP 25 QUOTES BY DAVID DUKE (of 79)I A... Discover David Duke famous and rare quotes. Share David Du
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    Text - a Joy Gibson @dis_co DavidDuke if u come risEvans I swear to g er find your body Follow Clara Joy Gibson @dis.comrade Your friendly neighborhood theoretical Marxist- practical progressive Ivin @calvinstowell ptain America is fight Washington, DC& 123 FOLLOWING 23 FOLLOWERS David Duke Follow @DrDavidDuke Captain America @ChrisEvans inspires the "Theoretical Marxist" in all of us. 6:25 AM-10 Feb 2017 t29 84
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    On Sunday, Duke tweeted several photos of Evans with celebrities, suggesting it shows he hates white women:

    Facial expression - David Duke Follow @DrDavidDuke Why does Chris Evans, who plays the Jewish inspired super hero, Captain America, hate the women of his people so much? #WhiteGenocide 8:47 AM-12 Feb 2017 t443 1,209 lesd
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    Evans punched back with the perfect response:

    Text - Chris Evans Follow @ChrisEvans I don't hate them. That's YOUR method. I love. Try it. It's stronger than hate. It unites us. I promise it's in you under the anger and fear 9:43 AM - 13 Feb 2017 57,906 173,748
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    People definitely loved it.

    Text - The Young Nope @Sedna_51 Follow @ChrisEvans 9:44 AM -13 Feb 2017 Pm really proud of you. GIF t 42 1,063
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    Text - Calvin Follow @calvinstowell Captain America is fighting with the Red Skull on Twitter right now. This is too real. 1:12 PM -9 Feb 2017 t11,413 19,416
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    Queue up the parallels between Evans and his character

    Captain america - Tom Hodges @hodgesart Follow @ChrisEvans 10:15 AM -13 Feb 2017 NO LACK BAN NES TRUMPS W RI MATE VATE HEALTHCARE FOR t531 1,558
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    Comics - Ash Crossan @AshCrossan 13 Feb @ChrisEvans @Hectorisfunny what. Is. Happening. Hector Navarro Follow @Hectorisfunny @AshCrossan @ChrisEvans this: 4:00 PM -13 Feb 2017 CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS 45 illing MARCH No.1 CAFTAN ANERICA PLUS OTHER GREAT FEATURES pages of 10 UNITION SMASHING THRU CAPTAIN AMERICA CAME FACE TO FACE WITH HITLER . uS.A also CADTAIN AMERICAS YOUNG ALLY, SABO PLANS FOR BUCKY t69 441
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    Fictional character - montrezmusic Follow @montrezmusic @ChrisEvans 9:49 AM - 13 Feb 2017 sO MUCH FOR THE TOLERANT LEFT 98 585
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    And of course, people that it was the most 2017 thing ever to happen

    Text - Rogue Rogue One Acct Follow @ZeddRebel 2017 can best be summed up by the fact Captain America now feels compelled to fight nazis in real life 4:44 PM -13 Feb 2017 t401 679
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    Text - joe malunda TM Follow @maloonds captain america fighting with a white supremacist on twitter is peak america 6:46 PM -13 Feb 2017 t 35 79
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    Text - DrewMcWeeny @DrewMcWeeny Follow I feel silly that I ever told my kids Captain America was fictional. 10:35 AM -13 Feb 2017 t107 371


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