I Can Has Cheezburger?

Heroic Doggos Call For Help After Owner Has Seizure During Walk

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    Dog - While walking his dogs, a 71 year old man had a seizure. One of the dogs immediately sat next to the man protecting him, while the other dog went to find a passerby he could alert and bring to the scene. Together, they saved their owner. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes OEI6 1IZM 4 13.2k 102 1, Share Award +3

    Not all heroes wear capes guys. Sometimes, heroes wear collars, leashes, and an infectious smile. These heroes have four legs, majestic coats of floof, and so so much love for their owner. 

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    Font - BobT21 +1• 2d I have severe arthritis with chronic pain. When I am having a bad night Ziggy the Cat brings one of his toys, puts it on my pillow, and curls up on my leg to purr. One night I heard a thump.. thump... thump. He was dragging in a balloon bouquet for me. Ziggy is nice. 6 Reply 74 3 dreamerlilly • 2d Ziggy loves you and wants to take care of you! Give them some extra head pats from me! 4 10 3 + MissCasey · 2d Ziggy reminds me of my Lulu. Except she brings me bugs and flying thi

    Ziggy is nice. Ziggy loves and wants to take care of his human. We appreciate Ziggy and all the pets out there that enjoy comforting their humans during tough times. 

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    Font - Lachdonin • 2d Had a Great Pyrenees when i was little. Total rapscalion, would do things like steal entire roasts off the counter. One night, while mom was setting out dinner (we had ordered KFC) i was roughhousing with my father. I (2yo at the time) smashed my head off my rocking horse, giving myself a 6 inch gash accross my head. Mom and dad don't even bother to put things away, they wrap my head in a towel and rush my to emergency. 15 stitches and 4 hours later, we get home, and find S
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    Font - inkseep1 +1• 2d When good people die they get to come back as a dog. Dogs remember how to do people things but most of the time they just keep that on the downlow so they can just sit around chilling as dogs. Sometimes they have to do smart things like this but people don't suspect them of anything but being good dogs. Am just doggo, want treats.
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    Font - PuzzlefaceRaven · 2d I too developed epilepsy as an adult (19) and my old dog (may she rest in piece) would get very defensive when i had one with the paramedics were called by my parents after i had one.
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    Rectangle - N3UROTOXIN 2d Most heroes wear collars G Reply 1 39 3 +
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    Rectangle - Senzokai • 2d They're majestic and they know it. 6 Reply 1 12 3 +
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    Rectangle - Codded_Pilot +1• 2d When life gives you lemons, put them aside and pet your dogs G Reply 10 3 +
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    Rectangle - ColoradoPoleStar . 2d I stay protek, YOU GO!!! RO'K. snoot snoot snoot Reply 1 39 +
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    Font - GarnetShaddow • 2d My dog usually checks on me when I nap, than goes and joins the rest of the house... Unless nobody is home. Even then, she might still grab a toy and lie in the hall. She knows where I am. When I have a migraine or am sick, she is on the bed right up next to me. She knows a sick nap and is there to help.
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    Font - НоорOnPoop +2 · 2d I developed epilepsy as an adult. During my first seizure I had been holding a dinner plate. According to those who witnessed it, my dog did a quick check to ensure that my wife had me and then immediately moved in on the food that dropped from the plate. Reply 1 633 +
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    Font - Rebabata7 • 2d I'm going to go ahead and say it. The golden sat his fat ass beside the man while the black lab went for help, he a thick boy 6 Reply 380 + nerdwine · 2d I had the exact same thought. That said, l'd rather have a fluffy golden to lie with me this time of year and keep me warm. They're like giant pillows that lick you. 64 MarshmallowSpread +1 • 2d I thought exactly the same thing "i already know which dog ran for help" 4 78

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