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Men Falling In Love With Pets They Claimed They Didn't Want

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    Comfort - Homebound Traveller ... @BeeFlownFar Replying to @girlsreallyrule Meet the man who was not ever never getting a dog, no matter what. And if we did get a dog he wasn't going to be the one to feed it or walk it or cuddle it. And it'd never be allowed on the sofa. He's under there, honest.

    Hmm, if we can decipher this image correctly, it looks like what we're seeing is a giant chonky floofer perched gently on top of a sleeping man eating a giant dose of humble pie. You don't hate the dog anymore, do you? Ah, imagine this guy refusing to cuddle a dog. Such a foolish thought, everyone is a dog person, all it takes is the right dog to make that happen!

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    Product - gonnie räntten ® @foulmouthgandhi ... Replying to @girlsreallyrule My husband kvetched the whole way to pickup our dog He. Did. NOT. Want. A. Dog I go to cargo. See the dog in crate. I go get the paperwork and come back Crate is empty, hubby's in the pass seat w/ puppy on lap while pup's licking on his ear and he said, "He loves me!" 日

    Wow, these are such heartwarming photos, it looks like for this sweet pupper and this sweet man really bonded and experienced love at first sight. How moving it is when the dogs chose the hooman themselves, and the hoomans chose the dogs. We're so happy that this happy family all live together furever now. Congratulations!

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    Vertebrate - Fifty Shades of Fed Up @eaw513 ... Replying to @girlsreallyrule Here is the now 10 yr old brown and white standard parti poodle, Eli, who gets called outside with dad every morning to welcome the day; and, when the weather is cold, gets wrapped up afterward by the same dad who swears that he's only nice to Eli as a way to get into heaven...
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    Nose - Coach Larry @aye_pahpi ... Replying to @girlsreallyrule I am quite familiar with this phenomenon.
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    Photograph - TheLoadOut ... @von_hasse Replying to @ThisMustBeNews and @BeeFlownFar Yeah, I got one of those too.
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    Furniture - Caroline & Anesti ... @Caroline Odette Replying to @girlsreallyrule When my wife decided to adopt Leo... I was against the idea. Needless to say, over time Leo became my best friend. He likes his naps and this is his (and my) favorite place for his naps. My little boy. 3393281/photo/1
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    Dog - Brigitte Fries 2 ... @BrigitteFries Replying to @girlsreallyrule Dad didn't want another dog
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    Photograph - The Magdalorian @maggiebrapss ... Replying to @girlsreallyrule My dad still wont admit how much he loves her
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    Leg - Smokey LaPonePone @SmokeyLaPonish ... Replying to @girlsreallyrule My husband was NOT a cat guy when we married. Now? He says Louie, our Siamese cat, is his best friend and constantly sings songs to him
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    Vertebrate - Sam is Vaxxed EAL @InnerWho Replying to @SmokeyLaPonish and @girlsreallyrule The dog he didn't want snuggling with the kitten he didn't want laying on the bed they're not allowed to sleep on. Just "not a pet guy."

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