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Host Sets Super Strict Rules For Sister In Law's Service Dog, SIL Says She's Gone Too Far

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    Font - AITA for limiting where my SIL's service dog can go? Not the A-hole I honestly think I might be in the wrong but also I don't think I'm being unreasonable. My brother, Brian, and sister in law, Claire, are visiting me. I'm not entirely sure how Claire is disabled but she has a service dog. Her service dog is a golden retriever, so sheds a lot. I'm not a huge fan of dogs but I understand Claire needs her service dog. I did ask a few things, though. I asked that the dog stay out of the kitc

    We appreciate the fact that OP is able to put herself into her SIL's position and understand why she is upset. Claire needs her service dog to be a healthy and productive individual! And OP is not exactly making things easy for her during their family gathering.

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    Font - Marjorine22 · 16h NTA, I guess. You clearly don't want the dog in your house and your rules make it very clear that your SIL is kinda welcome with her dog with a long list of rules. But like a good number of these borderline NTA questions, I wouldn't want to hang out with you. Claire should find something better to do with her time than go to rules house with her life saving animal. You're a delight. Downvote away!

    We are right here with ya, Marjorine22. There is a fine line between not being the a-hole and still being a bit unreasonable. This dog ain't around just to sit down and look pretty, this dog is around to perform a potentially life saving service! 

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    Font - amyOPS · 20h I'm going with NTA but there's a razor thin line you're butting up against. I'm sure Claire doesn't want to be an inconvenience. It just is what it is. You're kind of prioritizing not cleaning up dog hair over Claire's feeling of security about her health. As an objective outsider, I can't help wondering if there's more going on. It doesn't sound like you've done much to make Claire feel overly welcome.
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    Font - Hairy_Accident_6602 · 1d NTA but you should ensure her limits are covered within reason. Your rules are not unreasonable and for good reason. If she requires her service dog with her at all times, then she simply can't go in the handful of places you described and alternative accommodations must be made (access to a close bathroom that's not the master, and someone must bring her food).. Legally you're not bound to accommodate disabilities but morally you should ensure she has access to w
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    Font - Ihateyou1975 · 1d NTA. You aren't saying she can't have the dog. She can't take it in the kitchen. That's ok. On a leash in the backyard. That's ok. No basement. That's ok. I am assuming you have a bathroom for her to use. Not everyone wants a big furry dog in their house. And that's your right. G Reply 1 166 ...
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    Font - sorcererclass1314 · 14h Gentle YTA- you're not a bad person but you did make a bad choice. I understand that it's your house and you're uncomfortable with dogs, but this is a service animal not a pet. Service animals, whether they do physical work or detect medical issues, are required to stay with their owners at all times. By banning your SIL's dog from these areas, you are also banning her from these areas. The basement and furniture are | understandable, the other two requests are unr
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    Font - justMe482 · 1d Partassipant [1] Info ... was it a voluntary visit that they wanted to do...or are they sort of...compelled to stay with you. Also...have the rules been discussed beforehand or did you come up with them when you saw the dog at your front door? To me..these have an impact. Else...its fair to set rules since its your house...but they do seem to be a bit....too many. G Reply 57 + silservicedog OP • 1d It was a voluntary visit, and I told them these beforehand. 131
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    Font - KavaTate • 23h S1 Award As a service dog handler, NTA. When i use my wheelchair, there are places i can not go because there is no room for my chair to fit. Similarly, my dog will have restrictions on where they can go because they are a dog. It's part of being disabled. Not everywhere will be perfectly accessible. Service dogs generally don't get to be on furniture in public. They don't get to be where food is prepared (i.e. in a restaurant kitchen). They don't get to go places where the
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    Font - Jolteon2020 • 1d Partassipant [3] How long is she visiting? If its for a couple hours then your stipulations are reasonable. If she is staying overnight, she may need more access. If you are firm on your limits, you can't reasonably accommodate her overnight and she should look for a hotel if she doesn't wish to abide by your rules. NTA 6 Reply 1 233 +
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    Font - simplylisa · 1d NTA As long as you all avoid excluding her. If the stuff isn't allowed in the kitchen or basement, you all should be cautious not to congregate there. Hang out where she and her service animal can. Requesting outside leaving and not on the furniture is 100% reasonable. The bathroom might need revising. Like others said, depends on why she needs the dog Unfortunately, too many people call a pet their service animal so they can do what they want and no one can complain. 6 Re
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    Font - splinterwulf · 22h I have a service dog (yes, a service dog) and he gets up on all of my furniture. There is always a learning curve when we go to other people's homes to remind him to not be on their furniture. He listens, of course, but his first inclination is to absolutely park his butt on a comfy couch. Real service dogs get to be dogs, too. This is a NAH, not an NTA. The SIL isn't a bad person for feeling things are unfair. 1 102 + ...
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    Font - Witchywomun · 20h As a service dog handler, I feel that these requests, especially the ones regarding the kitchen, cats and chickens, are reasonable. A service dog is still a dog, and dogs sometimes get excited and chase creatures they're not supposed to. Staying out of the kitchen is a safety issue, as well as a food preparation issue, the only exception to the kitchen request would be if the dining room is through the kitchen. The dog does need to be close to the SIL in order to do thei
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    Font - twitchydigits · 1d Partassipant [4] NTA. If this is a true service dog, it will be well-trained. And thus the dog should not be getting up on the furniture to begin with. These all seem like very reasonable requests. In fact, other than the kitchen rule, I would have expected that the woman would follow these even without being asked. But the kitchen rule makes sense as well. As for her saying she needs her service dog, sure. But unless she is doing work in the kitchen and needs the dog's
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    Font - Yui_Ma · 1d Partassipant [1] I think you're super close to the line but not over it. If I were Claire I would almost certainly be taking your rules as a mostly polite way of saying that I wasn't welcome. 6 Reply 1 1.3k nygirl2021 · 22h Ditto. I have a SA dog and helps with diabetes. There's family members I don't go visit for this reason especially when they tried to correct my dog for using his paw to alert me because he was being "bad" by putting his paw on my leg/edge of their Couch to
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    Font - thirdtryisthecharm · 1d Pooperintendant [50] INFO - Does Claire have another bathroom available the the dog can go in? If Claire is staying at the house, not a hotel, is that a full bathroom? Are you expecting Claire to be involved in any food prep? Is there somewhere the dog can run off excess energy? G Reply 547 + silservicedog OP • 1d 3 1 Award There is a bathroom the dog can go in. I do not expect her to help with any meals. If she lets me know I can contain the chickens into their ow
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    Font - ImageNo1045· 1d Partassipant [2] Just want to clarify something for everyone. If the dog is trained to detect BP, it's probably a cardiac alert service dog. Similar to diabetes the dog would alert SIL by pawing/ nudging/ etc of the change in BP or heart rate and then SIL would check the actual number. She most likely has a heart condition that would require immediate medical attention in an emergency. 6 Reply 1 2.2k 3


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