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Puppers Experiencing Snow For The First Time

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    Dog - Tita @Tita_the_dog woo00000offffff first snow ****

    Wooooof you heard that doggo, it's the first snow of the year! And who could be happier about that than us here at I Can Has Cheezburger, because we're pretty doggo obsessed. Something about seeing a Dalmatian dog frollicking around in the snow fall is just so satisfying, for one thing these doggos are the perfect color for playing in the snow, they blend right in with the environment!  

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    Dog - Jennifer LoveGrove (she/her) @jenlovegrove52 ... Little man Edgar loved his First Snow walk! Is now snoring on couch. EDGAR

    Aww, hello Edgar, we're so happy that you're getting to go outside and frolic around in the snow like a good little boy that you are! Keep on playing in the snow and having a good time doggo, you're such a good boy!  Hopefully this will be the first of many fun snow days for this adorable pupper to enjoy!

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    Dog - Halie LeSavage @halie_lesavage ... downside of returning to the office: missing my puppy's first walk in the snow
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    Dog - DG77 OXY @DavidGuyan Nice walk..turned very snowy! Theo's first experience of snow.
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    Plant - johnie lee @johniel71786496 ... First walk on snow
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    Dog - Bryan Marquard @BryanMarquard "Can you see me," Outlaw asks, "or have I faded into the background?" First walk, first snow of 2021 -- Saturday at 7 a.m. #Dog #SaturdayMorning @dogcelebration @dogandpuplovers @ok32650586 @bigfluffydogs
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    Dog - Lady GlitterSparkles @bertykat ... Jinsy's first snow walk and he loved it
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    Plant - Stevie @goldgubber666 We had a big walk first thing this morning once we saw the snow. We both love it.
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    Dog - Rob @eaglesboy2 Football cancelled this morning so a walk up the hills. First snow of the winter! Lovely! #snow #uksnow #ukweather #malvernhills
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