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Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (21 Images)

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    "This is my cat Kaju! He lost a paw and ear and was in shelter for a long time. Now he has a home with me forever :) Say hi to my beautiful boy!"


    Honestly, nothing makes us happier than seeing these imperfectly purrfect pets who have been in shelters for long times get adopted. Every animal deserves a forever home, and we know that animals like Kaju are ones who often don't get them. So, thank you.

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    "Opened the door to this stray. It’s the middle of winter. I now own a cat."


    Ugh, we know the feeling. It's practically impossible to say no to a cat who straight up chooses you like that. You had no choice here. This awwdorable black void decided you were his, and you made the only choice that made sense by taking it in. And we're sure you will have a pawmazing life together. 

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    "My adopted cat cheering me up on tough chemo days"

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    "After 10 years I finally got my own cat. Her name is Reese."

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    "Cain has been adopted. Now we’re down to the last 45 cats. For those who don’t know we rescued 130 from a hoarder."

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    "Adopted her today! What should I name her?"

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    "My boys! Two brothers I picked up as tiny kittens in July"

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    "Meet Molly! Molly and her kittens were rescued from an abusive home where she had been kicked leading to her missing eye and jaw being misaligned. She is an absolute sweet heart"

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    "This is Clementine, she's my first cat!"

  • 10

    "Shirt warmer. He's just sooo happy to be adopted still!"

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    "Me and sleepy boi. He wouldn't come near me when i adopted him! Now every night he sneaks into my blankie and sleeps with me."

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    "Adopted this sweet boy today."

  • 13

    "Adopted this sweet girl today. Welcome home, Angel."

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  • 14

    "New member of the family. Need help naming her"

  • 15

    "This little baby (Cider) was finally adopted from the Humane society of Marshall County!"

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    "This is Brad. The shelter told me that Brad wouldn’t be cuddly. He hasn’t left the sides of me or my son since we brought him home last weekend."

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  • 17

    "Managed to buy a house with a garden so I could get a dog. So happy right now."

  • 18

    "Speaking of the BCPD, this Officer responded to a "vicious Pit-Bull" call and this is what he encountered... he ended up adopting him."

  • 19

    "Got a new kitten today, meet Jimmy!!!"

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  • 20

    "My first cat (as an adult)! Her name is Tilly"

  • 21

    "My foster fail Eva. I cried all day when we gave her back to be adopted by the public. Husband went back and got her for me. She is perfect."


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