Manager Demands All Personal Phone Calls Go Through Her, Backfires Immediately

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    Font - Posted by u/ashtit 21 hours ago 3 9 3 11 No phones allowed at work, tell them to call me directly! oc M I work in healthcare where phones are not to be used while on the floor caring for patients etc., for privacy/WHS reasons, which is fine and understandable. Most of us have our phones on us or in the break room, and don't use them unless on break or away from patient care areas. None of us check our phones while busy and if they do, will always get called out for it by other staff.
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    Font - We were all recently in a meeting where we were told we are no longer allowed to have our phones on us, as it is a distraction and against policy, meaning not to be used unless we are out of the unit or off hospital grounds. A few people piped up and said they had young kids in care where their phone was the direct communication for the carers, or there are issues at home that they needed to have their phone to have quick contact if needed, even if it was left in their hand bag and could
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    Font - Now I know working in healthcare and personal mobile phones don't mix as it really is against policy, however the issue with denying us complete access was a total over reaction. The issues with requiring quick and direct contact with home or other outside work contacts was brushed off and we were told if the issues were that bad at home, we shouldn't be at work. Many people were a bit taken a back by this saying a lot of the home issues are resolved by a quick text back and not allowing
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    Font - So, cue malicious compliance. We all gave our at home/spouses/carers/schools/etc, the direct work line to call for any reason if they are unable to get in contact with us directly, and the phone started ringing continuously. First was a lady who's husband needed approval for a big financial decision at home. The next was a vet calling to tell a co-worker their dog needed to be put down. I got a call from my children's day care saying my son had been bitten and was bleeding (mandatory repo
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    Font - The next day we were told we can have access to our phones while on break and to please tell our home contacts to stop calling the managers phone. It took a few days for everyone to get the message, meaning there were still many unnecessary calls coming through, but it made it obvious that the need for communication lines to be open at home was important.
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    Font - mr78rpm · 17 hr. ago I think those last phone calls that came through were necessary, sort of the last taps of the hammer on the nails in the lid of that coffin. What a dumb idea that was. How could running EVERYTHING through one person ever be efficient?
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    Font - SunsCosmos · 21 hr. ago absolutely love this. not only was it malicious compliance, she actually learned firsthand why cell phones are so important and how many important decisions come in every day. Vote 5 Reply Share Report Save ashtit OP · 20 hr. ago My favourite was one of the older ladys husband called to ask what setting to put the dish washer on haha


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