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Cat Owners Reacting To Scary Noises In Totally Appropriate Ways

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    Font - Jean Morrison not a nighttime story, but it fits: last spring, I heard a "THUMP" and immediately started yelling, "WHAT have you done NOW??" to my 3 cats. Then I looked outside and saw an enormous, tree-sized limb had just fallen from a white pine onto my lawn. "eerrrrr, sorry cats; guess it wasn't one of you, THIS TIME" D 45 Like · Reply · Hide Send Message 1d

    Yup, we've done this before. We get so used to these little hooligans causing chaos all around our homes that we blame practically every noise that's out of place on them. It gives us peace on some level, we're not petrified of sudden breaking noises in the middle of the night. But you gotta wonder, is losing the instinct to get up and defend ourselves a good thing? Lol. Well, we're sure our cats could protect us. 

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    Rectangle - Penny Maher When I lived in an apartment with two Siamese cats if I heard a noise in the night l'd look at the two cats and as long as they stayed asleep I knew all was OK! O 32 Like · Reply Hide Send Message 1d

    This!!! We thought this might have been an us thing. We hear plenty of weird noises when our cats are already in bed with us, and while odds are they won't help us if something happens, we do trust them to alert us if it does. Their instinct to protect themselves will activate, they'll run under the best, and we'll fight the intruder. Haha, kidding, we'll be under the bed with them.

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    Font - Rebecca Greenwood Last night I had trouble sleeping and went to lie on the sofa. Just as I was dropping off (3am) one of the cats fished a bauble off the Christmas tree and proceeded to tear arse around at 100mph chasing it O 17 Like · Reply Hide Send Message · 1d · Edited
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    Organism - Lauren Babad There are 3 areas that Callie likes to scratch in the middle of the night that all sounds the same. Two, I can ignore. Third, not so much. So l'm usually lying there wondering which thing she's scratching, playing the guessing game. 2 Like Reply · Hide Send Message · 1d
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    Font - Robin Martin My 13 yr old daughter has a 10 year furbaby who sleeps on her bed at night, and sometimes she will hear something and wake me up. My response is always what is the cat doing? Is he alarmed? No? Ok it's all good then. The cats get freaked out, I worry. Like Reply Hide Send Message 8h
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    Font - Caitlin Williams Lol even though I have catsI am still first like the non-cat owner. That's literally my thought process with every noise. I panic over any little noise and l'll mute my TV soI can make sure my life isn't going to be ended by a psycho lol but then I hear the thundering of my Willow's little white paws as she runs around like a maniac for no apparent reason. I actually welcome that sound because at least I know it's no serial killer lol. Plus, listening to her run around li
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    Font - Amy Shearrow My house was actually broken in to and I would find myself instantly terrified at any sound that wasn't me. My dad boarded up my back door that was kicked in and then it was replaced within a couple of days but the fear wouldn't go away. That was when I decided to get a cat. I just needed someone other than myself to make noises so everything didn't scare me. That's exactly how it worked out. *Any sound* dang it Peppers! go to bed! lol OS) 19 Like Reply · Hide Send Message 1d
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    Font - Donna Bloss Wilson This is common at my house, but about 5:30 this morning there were a series of 'bumps' -- louder than normal and even the cats on my bed perked up their ears. It went on for about 20 minutes and I expected the house to be a mess when I got up. The house was normal, and I think my 20 lb. male was running and jumping off the rocker - recliner playing. He doesn't get to go outside any more and has been learning about toys instead of birds and mice. Lol! 2 Like · Reply · Hi
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    Organism - Cheryl Siebert I live alone. Several years ago, around the time Psycho was re-released, I was in the shower, and the shower door started rattling. I had visions of Norman, and Mama waiting to do me in. It was the demented fur-ball on the top rail of the shower door. 7 Like · Reply · Hide Send Message 1d
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    Rectangle - Brandi Jasmine I had that happen one night, thought it was Sawyer and it turned out to be some drunk woman trying to break into my house. I set off the alarm and she booked it down the street. Like · Reply Hide Send Message 1d
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    Facial expression - Lora Orsborn Truth. Last night I heard a loud boom from the kitchen that startled me awake. I figured it was a cat... got up this morning to a small pumpkin on the floor. Why the hell were they playing with a pumpkin?? 1 Like · Reply · Hide Send Message · 1d
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    Rectangle - Louise Bowles My male cat likes to make yowling sounds at night. I just call out to quiet down and come to bed. He eventually climbs I bed and curls up to me. 0 1 Like · Reply Hide Send Message 1d

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