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Stray Cat Gets Rescued: Heartwarming Twitter Thread

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    Mammal - Kyle Melancon @kyle_melancon OMG. This very sweet, VERY talkative BB just showed up on my porch. No collar so I guess it's a stray but it's also extremely affectionate so l'm not sure. Such a cutie.

    Aww, if a beautiful cat showed up at our door with no collar, we would be like "You're coming home with us", at least until the vet could get the cat microchipped and make sure that the awwdorable little thing didn't already have a hooman taking care of it. This kitty sounds super friendly and cute!

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    Photograph - Kyle Melancon @kyle_melancon It wants to see what's going on inside.

    Oy! The tiny kitty wants to see what's going on inside! By all means guys, we gotta let this smol smol boy see what's going on inside, maybe just bring in to sleep for the night because hey, it's cold outside this time of year. What do you think? If this boy wandered to your house would you adopt him?

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    Cat - Kyle Melancon @kyle_melancon Replying to @TheNolaChick Little Buddy is NOT amused.
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    Cat - Kyle Melancon @kyle_melancon ... So, the coffee shop just told me that this BB has been hanging out there for a long time. Even snuck inside and slept there one night. Came outside this morning and it jumped right into my lap.
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    Smile - Alice Marie @AliceMa46144554 Replying to @kyle_melancon Aww it was probably either dumped in your neighborhood or left behind. Clearly used to being inside. Very pretty girl/boy
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    Dog - Kyle Melancon @kyle_melancon ... Soonest the vet can see him/her is tomorrow. Dogs certainly don't seem to mind. Little Buddy is vacillating between pissy indifference and outright anger. y projes
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    Cat - Kyle Melancon @kyle_melancon ... Please, by all means, make yourself at home.
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    Cat - Kyle Melancon @kyle_melancon Just putting this out there to everyone in Mid-City: This cat was cold and a little hungry last night. Today he came in my house and seems relieved to be out of the cold. If this is your cat please let me know before I drop a ton of money at the vet tomorrow. Thank you.
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    Cat - Kyle Melancon @kyle_melancon Any guesses on who peed all over my bathroom rug? Anyone? No one's in trouble here, I just want answers. *好特容忠你的份的
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    Cat - Kyle Melancon @kyle_melancon Someone is less than happy to be at the vet.
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    Cat - Kyle Melancon @kyle_melancon Cat update: it's a girl! No chip, lots of different infections but nothing too serious. Has likely been on the streets for awhile. Asked the vet what all that means and she said "looks like you have a new cat." Anyway..meet Cat Power, y'all.
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    Photograph - Kyle Melancon @kyle_melancon ... The dogs keep giving me the "CAN WE KEEP IT? CAN WE KEEP IT?" face. I've posted to several lost pet groups in addition to Twitter. We'll see what happens. CAL COME TOGETHER
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    Human body - Ashley The Fearless @mojofearless Replying to @kyle_melancon That kitty is awfully comfy around dogs.
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    Gesture - William DeMasi @WilliamADeMasi Replying to @kyle_melancon I think you have a cat is what has happened :)
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    Photograph - Rachel @restrass Replying to @kyle_melancon This is how my dad ended up with his cat, Little Buddy, last February a 00

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