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Walter The Adventurous Cat Is Stealing Hearts Everywhere

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    Dog - Fox-itis @Don98914738 I mean, who doesn't love Walter the cat?

    Damn, look at Walter the cat go. If you weren't already a huge Walter fan, than we're guessing you probably will be now, right? At least that's what we're thinking based on this super cool shot, Walter is obviously trying to become the next James Bond. 

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    Gesture - Danny Davis @aasdanny I am here for Walter the Cat commercials.

    We hear you Danny, and we totally agree, we're all here for Walter the cat commercials. We wonder whether Walter is being played by a real, and impeccably trained, stage cat, or Walter the cat is purely CGI. Our hearts couldn't take it to find out that Walter was just CGI, so we really hope he isn't…

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    Font - Katie da WeatherNerd @Katie_H7 I am thrilled to see Walter the cat commercials have continued.
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    Here's a clip of just Walter doing his awwdorable thing:

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    Font - Wayne Russell @Texas_Paladin ... The GMC Sierra hands-off driving commercial is incredibly lame and makes me glad l'm a Tesla investor. However, the Walter the Cat commercials are #brilliant. This one maybe the best commercial ever. And, I hate cats.
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    And this is the ad starring Walter that everyone is talking about:

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    Human body - Not Heraclitus @NotHeraclitus Walter the Cat needs his own series.
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    Font - Shawn Timmerman @Timmys3_1_6 If you don't love Walter the cat, we can't be friends
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    Human body - PodKATT ... @valleyshook I think Walter the Cat has already won the Super Bowl commercial championship
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    Dog - Phrisson moment from my day... @phrisson I'm diggin' Chevy's new mascot, Walter the Cat.
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    Font - STAMMER @ComandersPIzWin Walter the Cat is a American Hero


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