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Cute Polar Bear Pics: Celebrating International Polar Bear Day With a Fluffy Polar Bear Roundup

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    The oldest bear

    Polar bear - The oldest polar bear in Europe just celebrated her 37th birthday! Here's Katjuscha posing with her ice birthday cake, decorated with 37 herrings!

    This beautiful polar bear is Katjuscha, who turned 37 last year at the Berlin Zoo in Germany. Tragically, she passed away not long after her birthday after living for a long time with a heart condition. The Zoo bid her farewell and celebrated her long life--17 years longer than the average polar bear in the wild!

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    Tallest Bear

    Photograph - This is how big a polar bear actually is imgur.com/HEg5zc. C Image -8 -7 n. IL

    Polar bears are by far the tallest bear species. In fact, they are the largest of any land carnivore! Though they are a sister species to the brown bear, they're much larger, much fiercer, and have evolved characteristics that makes them great at enduring cold, traveling over ice, snow, and freezing water, and hunting seals!

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    Fluffy family

    Snow - A family in Wapusk National Park, Canada

    This family is is absolutely stunning…but u970souk, who posted the image, reminded us that climate change will make it harder for these cubs to meet their top healthy weight:

    Polar bears (Ursus maritimus) rely on Arctic Sea ice for hunting, mating, travelling to denning sites and resting. Global heating means ice is forming later in winter and breaking up earlier in spring, which affects both the bears and their prey, and threatens cubs' survival. In parts of the Arctic, the bears are having to last longer periods without food leading to them losing weight.

    Photo by Debra Garside.

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    Li'l guy

    Polar bear - A wee lad

    This photo was taken at the Wapusk National Park, in Manitoba, Canada. Also in Manitoba at the Assiniboine Park Conservancy, scientists are coming together to study wild polar bears and how they're effected by climate change. They are able to do that by using thermal imaging to find out how much energy the bears are using and something called "glitter poo". We know that the loss of sea ice has a big effect, and the researchers want to know if there's a "tipping point" to be wary of. Read more: Global News

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    Polar and grizzly cubs become friends


    At the Detroit Zoo, two orphaned cubs of different species became best friends. The cubs, Jebbie and Laerke, spend every day together swimming and playing with toys. Jebbie the grizzly lives in the Arctic Ring of Life exhibit at the zoo with the polar bears.

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    Water - 1.5 year old Kulu swimming above Columbus Zoo underwater viewing area. Do you know that adult polar bears can swim up to 6 miles or 9 kilometres per hour and hold their breath for 2 minutes?
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    Li'l yawn

    Carnivore - A tiny yawn
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    Boopable nose

    Head - To boop or not to boop? 71.jpg
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    Romance whiteout

    Hand - Polar bears in courtship, during a whiteout in Svalbard
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    He lives here now

    Door - The neighbourhood watch .jpg
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    Lazy day

    Snow - Chillin i.imgur.com/MuarGJ.. C
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    Peaceful cubs

  • 13

    Polar bear vs. raptor

    Organism - Polar bear vs raptor |4 to 5 feet tall 10 ft 5 to 6 feet tall on hind legs 9 ft long 6 feet long Bite force 1200 psi Bite force 1000 psi 25 to 30 mph 40 mph Polar bear are very Probably as smart smart hunters and are as a well trained the smartest bear dog Has a paw swipe that Has very sharp can knock a persons claws head off


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