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Twitter Thread: Adopting Pregnant Cats And Wholesome Stories Of People Keeping Their Babies Too

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    Cat - www Frances and Family @francesandfam 8 months ago I brought Frances inside. 2 days later she gave birth. I never thought I could ever love anything as much as I love them. 6 cats was never part of my plans but I wouldn't trade them for anything in the whole world. Thank you for helping us all stay a family.

    Personally, we think that this is legitimately a heroic thing. Keeping a family together, giving all of them a home… taking care of 6 cats is difficult from every perspective - emotionally, spatially, and financially as well. We are thankful to you, we really are, and we hope that more people with opportunities like these take the path that you've taken.

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    Product - ... TessaLights @TheRoselleWay Replying to @francesandfam It's so rare for siblings to stay together and even more rare to stay with mom. That's extra special. These two of my rescues are siblings. Makes me happy to see them together. 2:20 AM - Apr 29, 2022 Twitter for iPhone

    We agree - it really is a rare thing, and that's why we felt the need to showcase this even more than other stories. We also love that this one person's story prompted others to tell theirs as well - to encourage more people to do as they've done. We are thankful to all of you guys.

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    Cat - Frances and Family @francesandfam Replying to @TheRoselleWay I know people say it's rare but if you saw how they are together you would swear this is the way it's supposed to be. They are all so bonded. Momma loves her babies and they love their momma and each other. They are always in big cuddle piles.
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    Cat - Neil @madladz Replying to @francesandfam My neighbour abandoned her cat at the start of lockdown, she moved into my 6 cat household then gave birth. 10 cats was never part of the plan but we have bonded so much... Mum and Daughter still cuddle up. 10:41 PM - Apr 28, 2022 - Twitter for iPhone
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    Cat - *** The Wigglebottoms @OctoberTobey Replying to @francesandfam That's how my little girl was adopted. A friend took in her mother and she happened to be pregnant. In a week there were 4 more cats in her house. The difference being the she found homes for the kittens. But I'm always thankful when someone takes in a mommy to be cat.
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    Product - ... Tim #IStandWithUkraine @PadgettBCFC Replying to @francesandfam We rescued Luna from a friend's back yard after she'd been abandoned. Two weeks later, she had 3 kittens. Sadly, Sweep had to be put to sleep at 6 weeks old, but he's still with us along with Luna, Cosmo and James. Love them all (and the 2 we already had) so much! Gone from our sight. but never our memories. Gone from our touch, but never our hearts. 10:32 AM - Apr 29, 2022 - Twitter for Android 0
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    Liver - ... Frances McF @francesmcf Replying to @francesandfam Well, this all sounds very familiar. Fluffy (bottom right) gave birth a couple of weeks after her negligent owners abandoned her with me, now I accidentally have 6 cats. I never planned on more than 1 or 2 but they are the best thing in the entire world Yours, Human Frances 1:47 AM - Apr 29, 2022 Twitter Web App
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    Cat - … Land_Slug @SlugMike Replying to @francesandfam I found Tabitha about 5 years ago and a few weeks later she had Nicky. Only one kitten is odd but it made it easy to decide to keep them both 5:32 AM - Apr 29, 2022 Twitter for Android
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    Cat - Grandma for the Planet @BeesonPam ... Replying to @francesandfam Years ago there was a kitten taking shelter in our hedge. We heard the meowing but we already had 2 cats. Meanwhile, our son & his friend were secretly feeding her. We brought her inside & our cats accepted her. Jemima lived for 19 years. She was a lovely cat! 18
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    Cat - www Deborah A Rogers @darblackcats Replying to @francesandfam I get it! Lucky Mama & babies that picked you Tallulah gave birth on my porch when I already had rescue dogs and cats. Sometimes they choose you and you cannot say "No"
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    Font - Rick @Djofull Replying to @francesandfam Came home one day, unknown cat sitting on doorstep. Offered her milk, she drank it, then came in & wandered all round the flat, looking everywhere. Then curled up in a corner of the kitchen. Within the hour there were 2 kittens... Oh! We have three cats now! 2:28 AM - Apr 29, 2022 Twitter for iPad
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    Organism - victoria ** @ladyvictoria8 *** Replying to @francesandfam Thank you for literally saving 7 animals..I kept 2 litters of kittens because they put my yrs of rescuing I have so many to new homes..I couldn't do it any more..Once they're in my home, they're mine 3:34 AM - Apr 29, 2022 Twitter Web App .

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