Grocery Store Cat Judges People's Groceries Choices (Video)

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Six-year-old Olly Oliver, an orange tabby, has wandered into a local supermarket in Brockley, London. 

And in that supermarket, he decided to stay. Even though security has tried to remove Olly Oliver, several times, he decided this supermarket is where he will stay. Just like a cat to not care about the rules and laws, cats do what they want. 

Olly wanders about the market and often sits himself up high on the shelves, so he can silently judge shoppers and their grocery choices. 

Turns out, the locals are falling in love with Olly and he's become quite famous in the community! So much so, that the supermarket brand is going to offer him a mascot position! 

We're so happy for you, Olly Oliver! May you judge all groceries always! We love cats with jobs

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