40 Brutal Flaming Roasts For Your Friday FAIL Fixing

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    Beauty - I'm an aspiring actress. I'm tough Hl Roastime H'W take it H scruntfuttock3678 points 2 days ago You may never land a role but I'm sure you'll end up in a trailer 1355 points 2 days ago H Ripperzs123 Or on a black leather couch.
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    Job - Hwhitepowrnascar 218 points 12 hours ago This is the picture they'll use in your serial killer documentary
  • 3
    Shoulder - PRagine emonyo tre Sa Hyeezystrikesback 1973 points 3 days ago You're the reason my college has to go through sexual assault prevention
  • 4
    Font - HJeF4y602 points 4 days ago Don't you have a Diabeetus or Hoverround commercial to be filming?
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    Hair - H guapomateolobo1192 points 5 days ago You've had more truckers fall asleep inside you than a Motel 6 tenos
  • 6
    Product - HITACH ANn HBourbonSmashed 170 points 3 days ago If you were my house elf, l'd buy you a dress.
  • 7
    Forehead - MaTOCROSS 31 points 11 hours ago Hvictimeulture You look like Han Solo fucked Justin Bieber until it worked. 25 points 11 hours ago UPON-1 That vest looks like something you'd wear to go hiking in Vermont after brunch with your husband
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    Face - Hdavidnayias points 2 hours ago I can't tell if this is an ostrich posing as a human or if it's a human trying to pose as an ostrich ROAST M E /u/tomeras4es HJOHNpwnWAYNE 3 points an hour ago You look like a character from Bob's Burgers
  • 9
    Face - H nathanc86 58 points 12 hours ago Her eyebrows are the reason your office keeps running out of toner. 2OAST MME
  • 10
    Selfie - 9Un willamsweave 1 point 8 hours ago A pair of wild lesbians appeared!
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  • 11
    Hair coloring - [ joecat128 149 points 3 months ago So this is why you guys are always out of Sudafed k you for shopping 7Wlelgreens Cottonelle Coto Coftonelle 5.49 Coltonelle Cotlnelle Cotfor ROast Me 224 points 3 months ago Sexy_Karl Verified Roastee The human embodiment of Walgreens. No one really wants it but it's there when someone needs it.
  • 12
    Barechested - scammy2010 9 points 5 hours ago this dude got a tattoo for every time he been friendzoned #ROASTME
  • 13
    Material property - Tums won't help with all that consumption of jizz.. r/roastme Anta IMPORTANT READ A
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  • 14
    Clothing - ROAST ME whathaveicreated 406 points 19 hours ago No matter what that chest tattoo says, all anybody sees is "Single Mom. permalink source save-RES hide child comments
  • 15
    Face - I kinda look like John Lennon if I put on round glasses, Roast Me. submitted 9 days ago by brockdaul Verified Roastee 29 comments share CthuluHydra 4/ points days ago Yeah, except nobody would bother to waste the bullets on you S/Mosost Me
  • 16
    Job - Map Term 318 points 29 days ago H YaBebto You have to be a real narcissist to have your picture on your phone case H SchrodingerPetCare 87 points 29 days ago The term "landing strip" is meant to describe pubic hair,not eyebrows. r/Roast Me
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  • 17
    Book - Tra Re CIT ITR Duve sel ROAST ME Hsosleepy11 47 points 3 hours ago 227 Which gave up on life first your body or your mind? GUEST CHECK 82351
  • 18
    Face - Even your shower doesn't want to see you naked. Roast Me...
  • 19
    Room - Otestrur ProasT ME H Pick Locks_Get_Money Verified Roastbee 1725 points 1 month ago The only thing you have in common with batman is your lack of parents H Dang TheDuck 467 points 1 month ago You look like a guy who played Yu-Gi-Oh during lunch in high school.
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  • 20
    Forehead - YRON COPE'S OF The Hrril PITTSBURGH OR cghebey p g I've never seen a guy who likes hockey try to look so gay Fel Roast Me To think, this guy actually walked into a piercing parlor and said "Make me look like I have robot herpes."
  • 21
    Leg - R/Roaselne HIts Not My Blood 325 points 13 hours ago Knee holes were probably worn in from actual use. permalink
  • 22
    Tattoo - EVE bewilderedhill 431 point for 17 timer siden The only job interview question you'll ever hear is, "So how much for a gram?"
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    Text - H Pick Locks_Get_Money Verified Roastbeef 3457 points 1 month ago You look like your pacifier was made of asbestos lawrencethetornado 2376 points 1 month ago I can't tell if you're 17, 53 or retarded. N ROAST Me /R/ ROJOC 92 wimmyjales 1715 points 1 month ago If you're here, whose modeling for the cover of MAD? H Pick_Locks_Get Money Verified Roastbeef 1642 points 1 month ago an umbilical cord You look like your mom let you try your first beer through
  • 24
    Toy - // Rart Me [H2monthsacounselor 1408 points 14 days ago Verified Roastee Are you so insecure that you hover hand your lifeless figurines?
  • 25
    Job - R/ROASTME sasksoul 87 points 11 days ago Congratulations to the brunette for finding friend ugly enough to make you look like a 6 a PLW Ehgineerin
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    T-shirt - THE WITCHER WILD HUNT H nomoneyrico 36 points 2 months ago You look like an Asian Hank Hill Roaits Me! HUSKI S WASHIN GTON u/THU pagegq 216 points 2 months ago Just looking at this photo gave me my virginity back. WAT H AnonymousFlow 152 points 2 months ago I don't know what's worse, the fact that you have a trains magazine or that your head is shaped like a trapezoid. SUPER BOWL XIVI nUOMDINE
  • 27
    Facial hair - -DeadColours 24 points 5 hours ago You're like ed sheerans retarded brother
  • 28
    Skin - Hmostly_sarcastic 1015 points 10 days ago Did you weave that sweater with the pluckings from your eyebrows? permalink source save save-RES spam remove report give gold reply show child comments
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  • 29
    Job - H KarateKid72 411 points 11 days ago Bart Simpson wants to know if you closed your comic book store H Postal Pat 209 points 11 days ago Your cubicle is where good office chairs go to die. TOM Naus DING UR 1/Rat ME H GotBetterThingsToDo 812 points 11 days ago Somewhere near your workplace, there is a very empty pudding truck H Ramrod312 438 points 11 days ago You know whats worse then being so fat you broke your chair? Making a meme out of it and posting it on your desk in an attempt to cop
  • 30
    Chin - Ronst Me l -aviator14 2 points 8 hours ago Hello budget Aubrey Plaza
  • 31
    Face - nc - TheFrigg 116 points 8 hours ago The picture is almost as blurry as your self esteem permalink save report give gold reply Roast
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    Face - 1-1 NatNoBrains Venfied Roastee 58 points 10 hours ago You look like a horse had sex with a dorito, and you were the aborted (yet unfortunately alive) outcome permalink save report give gold reply ROAST ME!
  • 33
    Face - H Lou_Tennant 3627 points 25 days ago Your parents must be furious with the one child policy. permalink save report give gold reply /ROASIME
  • 34
    Forehead - -1 Megajawn 587 points 19 hours ago I'm conflicted- the face says "punch me". But the polo shirt says "my dad will sue" permalink save report give gold reply ROAST ME
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    Hair - Roast me Reddit! Yuairshine HHispanicattacks 6 points an hour ago You look like the kind of girl who would ask to be fisted.
  • 36
    Chin - H gathmoon If the cast of superbad was uglier and had special needs. 36
  • 37
    Face - H Nokturn_ 204 points 21 hours ago You're the "After" picture in a meth ad.
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  • 38
    Finger - ROAST ME smilingasisay 19 points 16 hours ago Must be tough as a 33 year old single accountant in high school.
  • 39
    Skin - HIritablePanda 12 points 3 hours ago I've never seen a teenager with jowls and crow's feet before pemalink HWrongLetters 4 points an hour ago She looks like someone failed trying to make Hilary Clinton look young-ish.
  • 40
    Selfie - Roast me God you're that chick. Your idiot hick father instilled way too much princess confidence in his chubby little shaved ape daughter. Now you're the fat 4 chillin in your group of friends who are solid 8s. Making sure none of them meet anyone tonight in a ruse that you're [- takereasygreasy 281 points 21 hours ago "protecting" them but really it's because you're the DD and can't bare driving home alone again tonight. No one to stop you from binging at on 99cent tacos at jack in th


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