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Awful Friends Kick Poor Girl And Her Dog Off Vacation

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    Makes Sense So Far

    Font - I have an emotional support dog, Lucy. She isn't a trained service dog and isn't legally protected. I don't bring her into stores or anything. Mostly she's a pet, except at night when she helps me with nightmares. I have CPTSD and extreme night terrors and without my dog I will scream and cry. But she can cue into the signs that I'm about to have a night terror and wakes me up before it gets bad. So, with Lucy I can mostly sleep "normal." Without her it's a disaster. This past weekend my

    The fact that Lucy isn't a legal service dog is the only thing here that is working against OP's favor so far. But, other than that, everything seems on the level. She's with two people who know and have traveled with the dog before, the Air BnB is specifically pet friendly, and they're all going to have some fun for the weekend, right? 

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    Uhhh, What?

    Font - But when I got to the cabin, the gf of my (sort of) friend Jake got really upset about Lucy. Apparently she is allergic and didn't bring any allergy meds and no one told her a dog was coming. This was my first time meeting her and I don't even have Jake's phone number, so I wouldn't have been able to let him know. I felt bad about it and suggested Lucy could stay outside on the patio until bedtime when she would sleep with me. But Sandra said Lucy couldn't come inside at all because of th

    So, as soon as everyone gets there and is ready to enjoy their vacation, they all have to stop and pamper the girl who didn't bring allergy medication. OP tried their best to find solutions to the problem, but all to no avail. And if it looks like things are going downhill now, just wait until you see what happens next. 

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    What Are We Thinking?

    Font - I know it was probably a dick move to bring a dog without checking with everyone but I didn't know most people that well and last time it wasn't a problem. I didn't know someone allergic was coming. But my friends all definitely think I'm the asshole and I may have lost this friend group. AITA? EDIT: To be clear I am in extensive treatment for my PTSD. Please stop assuming that I am ignoring my mental health condition, I didn't say anything of the sort in my post. Lucy is one accommodatio
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    Just To Finish Clarifying

    Font - EDIT3: I am not replying to comments anymore for mental health reasons, but I have gotten a few messages telling me to edit things into this post so for clarification (I explained these in the comments but not the original post bc of the character limit): 1. My friends, Rick and Randy, who drove me, organized the trip, they invited me, and they knew about my dog. They allowed my dog into the car with no question and never said anything about not having cleared her with the others. At the
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    Doesn't Make Any Sense

    Font - O No-Surprise8535. 5 days ago I can't for the life of me understand how they were willing to drive you all the way home and back but not to the store to get her allergy medicine 3.2k Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow Ok_Possibility5715. 4 days ago Partassipant [1] This, and also if you have a severe per allergy and the house is listed as petfriendly, I would have taken meds with me. Because yes they clean in between guests but dog/cat hair is literally everywhere and it might not
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    Amen To That

    Font - amygoodman03 . 5 days ago Your friends aren't very nice. ↑ 1.8k Reply Give Award
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    Peep The Edit

    Font - To_tiedye4 5 days ago edited 5 days ago Partassipant [1] Info. Did the people who invited you know about Lucy and why you have her? Edit: Nta 4.3k Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow aita-bnbdog OP. 5 days ago Yes. The people who invited me were my friends who drove me, let's call them Rick and Randy. I have been to a cabin with them before and brought Lucy and they know why I need her. The other people there were Rick and Randy's friends who I have m before parties but don't really
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    Have You Ever Met A Cool Randy?

    Font - es jtk345 5 days ago edited 5 days ago Rick and Randy suck as friends. While I think you should have made sure people knew you were bringing Lucy, they should have driven you home when you asked, or at least stuck up for you and said "We should have said something" to you or to the others. EDIT: Thank you to the Redditor who gave me the award! 4.3k Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow
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    This Group Sucks

    Font - LizzieB_024. 5 days ago What the heck kind of people are you hanging out with that they Survivor style voted you out of the vacation?! Good riddance to them! In all seriousness - you deserve better. You are not the asshole. Your "friends" were aware of your situation and the role Lucy played in your life, and they handled this situation is the most un-empathetic way I could possibly imagine. They didn't say anything when you brought the dog along, refused to take you home when you realize
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    Sending Love

    Font - wombatbattalion 5 days ago I was going to say Y T A at first, but then you told me that the friends who invited you (Rick and Randy) already knew that your dog would be coming with you, they were coordinating your addition to the group, and they knew everyone else who was coming. On the other hand, you didn't have anyone else's contact info except your so-called friends' phone numbers. So, NTA. However, there's a good chance this friend group isn't going to let you back in, and that's fin

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