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Tumblr Thread: Attempting To Explain The Ridiculousness Of Cats Randomly Meow-Yelling

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    Font - prokopetz I think sometimes cats don't actually know what specifically they want - they're just generally dissatisfied, so they stand there yelling "I YEARN" on the off chance that you'll be able to do something about it. #life #cats O 53,028 notes :

    The number of times this has happened in our household… smh. You'd think we'd learn eventually, but no, our cats keep crying wolf and we keep dropping everything and running toward them to check if everything is okay no matter how many times they trick us. 

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    Organism - zainekabang Follow Your cat craves validation. Tell them they're a good kitty and give them head pats. Give them slow love blink. Let them climb on your chest and suffocate you. Let them feast from the bounties of your demise. Your cat demands a sacrifice. They are valid.

    Quite frankly, we can somewhat understand this behavior. We, too, sometimes are hit with the urge to stop everything that we're doing and tell into the abyss. It seems that cats simply don't have the same kind of filter that we do. They're living their lives and telling our their anguish with no shame, and we kinda admire that. 

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    Rectangle - nbspacegay Follow My favourites are the ones who scream at you right after slow blinking or rubbing on you or showing their tummy or whatever bc you had the Audacity to move towards them
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    Font - deepchrome Follow That tracks. We used to have a dog who did similar - just looked around with big brown eyes begging for something but didn't actually need anything. So we got in the habit of saying "What do you need? What do you think you need?" And now, many years later, our cat now gets lovey-dovey, rubs on my leg, and chirps like she needs something...but when you try to get her a toy because you think she's asking for that, she walks off. (She has an automated feeder which leaves pl
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    Organism - littlehungrywarrior Follow Cats meow to communicate with you but not necessarily out of dissatisfaction or unhappiness or yearning. Sometimes the cat just hears you talk a lot and wants to talk with you because one of the ways cats show affection is through mimicry. Sometimes a cat just wants to tell you they love you.
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    Cat - alyjack80 Follow "I YEARN" Fail KN95 hp CARL KASELLOFFICIAL JUDGE&SO
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    Font - darksiren Follow It's worse than that. Cats will yell "I YEARN" on the off chance that you'll be able to do something about it, then look at you like you're an asshole when you do something about it, yelling "That's just not right" while walking away, tail twitching, fuck them for being perfect creatures.
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    Rectangle - fyrasha Follow yes, very much true in regards to cats, but i kinda want to just stand there yelling "I YEARN" on the off chance that someone will be able to do something about it too.
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    Font - darker-than-darkstorm Follow Sometimes they're so filled with emotions that their tiny little body can't contain it all and they start making sounds to release it.
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    Rectangle - graveantiquarian Follow I've always been lucky, the cats I've interacted with cry for me to follow them. When i do, they lead me to whatever perceived injustice is at the root of their suffering. Usually it's a food dish only 34 full, or a faucet that isn't dripping at the correct rate
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    Facial expression - theamazingkelly69 Follow I've had several cats that clearly couldn't string a thought more complicated than "Thing is wrong, human fixes", so I absolutely believe this. OO 53,038 notes

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