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Ignorant BF Ruins Vacation After Leading GF Into Hatchling Bird Nest

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    Sounds Like A Romantic Time!

    Font - My girlfriend (21f) and I both like to hike and rock-climb, and we were on vacation in Scotland and thought we'd spend a nice Saturday by the ocean doing it. Now I'd done a little research before the trip, and I made a brief passing comment to her before we arrived just saying "Oh by the way, stay far away from the cute little nesting Fulmar chicks if you see any, they get angry when disturbed and their momma might not like it either." Now I knew that they apparently defended themselves t

    At the start, we had such high hopes for this couple. They're taking a romantic vacation together, and instead of going for a photo op, they're going hiking and enjoying nature together! But, as soon as the boyfriend started talking about not discussing essential information about the route and dangers with his girlfriend, we knew something was going to go wrong. And, lo and behold, we were right. 

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    Having A Good Time, But...

    Font - We get out there, having a good time, but after a few hours I hear a horrible, repetitive throaty/spitting sound...I turn around and sure enough, she'd gotten within 15 feet of a nest, and her whole face was covered in orange goo with more showering onto her head...from a nest of fulmars. She tried to back away to flat ground, seemed stunned for a second, and then...well, she didn't take it well, and lost her lunch. More than once, shall we say. I tried to go over to help her but I was ho

    Of course this whole trip went South after just a few hours. This guy forgot to warn his girlfriend to stay away from the birds before their trip. And then, he had time to walk by them, and didn't even warn her at the time she was in danger. So, she gets vomited on for doing exactly what her boyfriend did, and he's wondering if he was in the wrong. 

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    Obviously It Ruined The Vacation

    Font - Needless to say that the day was ruined, and she got really mad at me and asked if I knew they could do that. I said yes but I didn't know it was that bad, and didn't want to scare her. She got really upset at me and said she has a right to know if there's a danger on a hillside, and there's no way she could have known it'd be dangerous to get even remotely near a nest, she thought it was a safe distance based on what I said. It ruined the rest of the vacation. I don't feel like I was in
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    If He Had Just Warned Her...

    Font - W V KaliTheBlaze 2 days ago edited 2 days ago Craptain [168] YTA. Yes, you should have warned her of their gross defense. If you knew, you also should have defined "near" better - 15 feet may not have seemed like near enough to cause problems to her, especially if she has little experience with wildlife. ETA: OP knew that the birds used something that would severely upset his girlfriend as a defense mechanism. If he had told her that, she would've either been extremely cautious around the
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    That's Actually Illegal

    Font - MTOT treatyourselftocats 2 days ago edited 2 days ago Asshole Aficionado [14] YTA. First off, for breaking the law disturbing nesting birds. She's supposed to magically know that fifteen feet away wasn't going to be enough distance from these birds? And you couldn't have bothered to say "Hey, there's a nest there, stay away a good distance." when you must have just gone through if you were turning around to see what happened? You definitely should have made her aware that it could possibl
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    If We Assume All Of That, It Makes Sense

    Font - Sharna_Pax 2 days ago NTA. You're assuming a lot here: that OP knew what distance was safe, that OP saw the nest before the girlfriend did, that OP is somehow an expert on this whole situation by virtue of having read a guidebook. He's a tourist, he's never seen this happen, just read about it, and he told his girlfriend to stay far away because the birds would defend themselves if she got too close. The only piece of info he had that his girlfriend didn't was the birds' method of self-de
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    This Is A Fair Response

    Font - totino22d 2 days ago edited 2 days ago NAH. I think your warning was reasonable for what you knew. You just didn't know any better about their fairly long range, and it's easier to get close to them than you'd think. I know other outdoorsmen who know other outdoorsmen who have apparently learned this lesson the hard way. They're pretty relentless too, and go 0-10 reeeeal quick (warning, this shows the real defense mechanism of a fulmar, SFW but not for the faint of stomach) Reply Give Awa
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    A Lot Of Different POVs Here

    Font - omen-schmomen 2 days ago NTA Idk why everyone is judging as if you were a 'fulmarologist' and omitted critical information that you were somehow already privy to. You gave her the important information. I hear "stay far away" and "may get angry when disturbed." Common sense, to me, would be if I can see the birds in the nest, I am not far enough away. I'm not sure if this is out of fear of attack, fear of "leaving my scent too close to their momma won't come back", or just out of respect
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    Thank Goodness It Wasn't Bears

    Font - Snoo74606 2 days ago edited 2 days ago Partassipant [3] NTA. You told her not to get near the nest. Everyone saying "how was she supposed to know you meant 15 feet?!" Obviously doesn't have any sort of clue how close 15 feet is to a wild animal. If you got within 15 feet of bear cubs while their mother was near that would be the last thing you did Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow 209
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    Seriously, Leave No Trace People

    Rectangle - mongoooses 2 days ago Asshole Aficionado [16] ESH because why climb on a nesting site anyway? Humans do not have to touch every centimetre of the planet. Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow 187

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