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Mischievous Husky Attempts to Steal a Countertop Pizza and Almost Burns Down the House


For some reason, huskies have an almost cult-y following to their breed. Husky owners everywhere can just simply be walking down the street and be approached by strangers who will give them a knowing look, fist bump them, and say “Oh wow, I had a husky once. Does he howl? Is he smart?” 


Apparently the most relatable thing a husky owner will share with fellow snow dog lovers is the fact that all huskies will get into trouble. Whether they're mischievous, too agile, or simply too intelligent to be a house dog, we'll never know, but what we can say with absolute certainty is that there's a reason husky owners band together. It's in solidarity


One husky owner went viral this week after capturing footage of their black and white house demon as they nearly burned down the entire house in search for the perfect, forbidden snack: A forgotten pizza box on the countertop. It was just sitting there, can we even really blame this good boy for sniffing out an abandoned piece of sausagey, cheesy goodness? 



First, the dog jumps to the counter, which is already probably a no-no for any dog. Then he manages to dexterously turn on the stove top, which by the way, is a gas stove and some human beings even struggle to get the starter and the gas going at the same time in order to get a flame. Then the dog spins the dial, turning the flame on super low so it was nearly imperceptible. All the while, this mischievous husky was sniffing the corners of the box, contemplating all the ways he could knock it off the counter without being too obvious. The flames must have caught his nose because he was suddenly spooked, glared at the betraying pizza, and skittered away into the living room. 



He watches the stove nervously as he realizes his mistake. Fortunately, the fire alarms were engaged and the owner of the home (and the pizza) came rushing to the rescue, grabbing the flaming pizza box heroically before dousing the 2ft flames in the sink. It's a good thing she got to it when she did!



Hopefully the husky learned his lesson that day, learning the stark difference between cost vs. reward. You can't very well eat stolen pizza when your home is in ashes and your family hates you. This just goes to show you all of the ways that your husky can accidentally wreak havoc on your home and personal life. Husky trauma is a real thing and it's the reason every husky owner gives you that “Look” when you're walking your Balto down the street.



Poor Husky was just trying to warm up some pizza 😅 🍕



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