Crazy Conspiracy Theory Asserts That Maybe This Obamacare Replacement is Just An Arrested Development Reboot

I'm not crazy about conspiracy theories, but this one is starting to make a lot of sense. 

Sure, at the time it aired, Arrested Development seemed more like a satire for the Bush-era, specifically its commentary on the Iraq War. But looking at the show today, we're seeing some new wrinkles. 

One Twitter user, @ddiamond, took things a step further, and it's all clicking together. 

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    It starts with an idiot.

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    The idiot tells people it's done.

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    Building a house is a lot like healthcare.

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    Most of the people in Washington don't have the ability for this kind of self reflection.

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    Uhhhhhh.... They didn't make steaks did that?

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    "I've made a huge mistake." - America

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