20 Facts From the Fifth Element That We Can't Help But Share

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    Movie - BRUCE WILLIS This movie was supposed to be a trilogy, Luc Besson had three scripts that he condensed into one. A FILM BY LUC BESSON THERE IS NO FUTURE WITHOUT IT DVD Poppingremlins
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    Architecture - The people populating the roofs, decks and windows during the visual effects sequences in New York City, are actually the artists and employees at Digital Domaine who worked on the film Poppingremlins
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    Fictional character - Many of the Mangalores aboard the Fhloston Paradise can be seen wearing "combat goggles". This was a practical solution to hide the actors eyes (which were visible through the masks) and save money on makeup (contact lenses and coloring around Poppingremlins the eyes)
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    Font - The explosion in the Fhloston main hall was the largest indoor explosion ever filmed. The resulting fire almost wer beyond control. Poppingremlins
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    Nose - TPoppingremlins Vin Diesel provided the voice of Finger but didnt receive any on-screen credit.
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    Horse - Poppingremlins The actors inside the Mondoshawan suits used mini television monitors to see where they were going. It took three people twenty minutes to dress one Mondoshawan.
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    Water - Poppingremfins When composer Eric Serra showed soprano Inva Mula (who dubs the voice of the Diva the sheet music for the Diva Dance, she reportedly smiled and relayed to him that some of the notes written were not humanly possible to achieve because the human voice cannot change notes that fast, Hence, she performed the notes in isolation one by one, as opposed to consecutively singing them all together and they digitized the notes to fit the music. There are a few moments when you can h
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    Event - Poppingremlins Luc Besson wrote the original screenplay when he was in high school, He had conceived the story of the film and invented the world of the film, as a child, so he could escape his lonely childhood. He began writing the script when he was 16, though it was not released in cinemas until he was 38.
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    Hair - Poppingremlins MULTI PASS LEELO ALLAS E The "Divine Language" spoken by Leeloo was invented by director Luc Besson and further refined by Milla Jovovich, who had little trouble learning and developing it, as she was The language had only 400 words. He and Milla Jovovich held conversations and wrote letters to each other in the language as practice. By the end of filming they were able to have full conversations in this language. already fluent in 4 languages.
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    Metropolis - Popping emlins Amongst the scale models used for filming were the buildings seen in New York City. Dozens of apartment blocks and 25 skyscrapers, some 20 feet (6.1 m) high, were constructed in 1/24th scale.
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    Space - The stars in the background were created by poking holes in a sheet of black fabric. Poppingremlins
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    Light - In the final scene, a scientist says "one minute" referring to the length of time before "Mr. Shadow" enters Earth's atmosphere. It actually takes 1:49 from that moment until the 5th Element engages and stops him. Poppingremlins
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    Photo caption - Poppingremlins The parasites being disinfected from the landing gear of the spaceship, (bound for Fhloston Paradise) by a team in sealed suits, are actually Boglins, the 1980s puppet toys. With them is a Bumble Ball, a battery- operated shaking and vibrating ball covered with rubber knobs.
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    Hair - Poppingremlins When filming began, the production decided to dye Milla Jovovich's hair from its natural brown color to her character's signature orange color. However, due to the fact that her hair had to be re-dyed regularly to maintain the bright color, Milla's hair quickly became too damaged and broken to withstand the dye. Eventually a wig was created to match the color and style of Leeloo's hair, and was used for the remainder of the production
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    Face - When Korben first meets Leeloo and she starts talking to him in her language, Luc Besson didn't tell Bruce Willis what Milla Jovovich was going to say to him, so Bruce's reactions are real. Poppingremlins
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    Text - In every New York City visual effects scene with flying traffic, there is a flying bus with the Digital Domain (the facility responsible for most of the visual effects) internal reference, or shot name, stenciled on the roof of a bus. The instructions for the visual effects team were to include one bus with the shot name, but then all other buses and traffic could have personal references including birthdays, initials, etc. The front marquee for a bus destination and side billboards were
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    Forehead - In most shots of Gary Oldman, there is a circle around his head. In fact, a circle in the middle of the frame is a near-constant motif in this film. Bruce Willis, on the other hand, is more often framed by a rectangle or doorway behind him. Poppingremlins
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    Astronomy - The visual effects.crew said figuring out what "evil should look like was the hardest part of their job. Poppingremlins
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    Helmet - Poppingremlins In the taxi scene after Lilo has crashed through the roof, the police show up to winch the taxicab closer to the police car. Both before and after the taxi has the winch cable attached, the police officer speaking on a bullhorn can clearly be seen mouthing the words "thank you for your help". In post production it was re-dubbed to "thank you for your cooperation", This is in reference to RoboCop (1987). If youll notice, the helmets worn by the police officers kind of rese
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    Photo caption - Peopingremlins The number 5 appears in the movie on several occasions: There are five elements; Korben Dallas' license had fivé points left; Zorg stops his bomb with five seconds remaining on the timer, and the Mangalore's bomb starts with a five second timer. Ruby Rhod, near the end of the movie, afterčthe alien planet is stopped, says, "There's a bomb going off every five minutes! and the doctor at the end says that Leeloo and Korben need five more minutes. Ruby Rhod's show is


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