Update! 'My mom was horrified': 'Upscale bakery' allegedly run by teens botches birthday cake, refuses to apologize


Here's the situation, as told through the original Reddit post and subsequent updates on r/cakedecorating. Grab your popcorn, because it's a lot. 

Basically, the OP ordered a special dessert for their mother, since, as they wrote, they aren't a cake decorator. But when they went to a bakery, they received…this. Take a peek at this cake because it's a little busted.


As you can see, the cake is supposed to be a professionally crafted birthday cake. 

But the writing on the cake is less than legit. And uh…this cake is very lopsided? It's giving Leaning Tower of Pisa, right? Even if you made this for someone at home in your own kitchen, you'd probably get a little made fun of for how much it's leaning. 

But OP was sympathetic to this bakery at first. After all, food places are short staffed, and leaving negative reviews can be harsh. But commenters let the OP know that something was off, and they were actually being too nice to the bakery. 

Commenters told OP to at least try to work things out with the bakery before leaving a scathing review. They ended up writing a review anyway. Here's what they wrote next:

So here, you can see, the situation gets explosive! Not only did the company call the OP's family crazy, they gave “zero apology" for the $30 dessert.

Although this cake looks like it was assembled in ten minutes by a neophyte baker, the bakery was reportedly both rude and unapologetic about this birthday dud. 

OP then added another few photos of the cake…as well as an update on the whole situation. 

You can see in the new photos that the icing is piped on poorly on the bottom, and the sprinkles look tossed on at the last minute. 

What the what?? There's so much apparently going on at this bakery. 

OP said they were contacted by others who had similar experiences - possibly because the place was being managed by teenagers. 

Since the OP's mother was kicked out the store…I guess they won't be shopping there anymore. 

This kind of customer service can really leave a bad taste in your mouth. But it seem like between allegations of not wearing masks, plus an alleged class action law suit, this bakery is dealing with way more than they ever bargained for. Check out this situation for yourself on the r/cakedecorating subreddit, where the OP left links to the entire saga in the comments. 

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