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New ‘Alien’ Movie Is Coming! Here Are Our Picks for the 10 Best Moments in the Franchise

  • #10. "Shaw's Self-Surgery Catastrophe" (Prometheus, 2012)


    Shaw's C-section in "Prometheus" is a gruesome and shocking moment that's hard to forget. As Shaw realizes that she's carrying an alien creature inside her, she's forced to perform an impromptu surgery on herself to get it out. The scene is graphic and intense, with Shaw screaming in pain and terror as she removes the creature from her own body. This moment is a great example of how the Alien franchise can still shock and horrify viewers even after all these years.

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  • #9. "Xenomorph vs. Predator: Battle Royale" (Alien vs. Predator, 2004)

    Working animal - UETO

    In "Alien vs. Predator," the climactic battle between the two iconic monsters is a thrilling and epic moment. As the xenomorph and predator face off in a brutal fight to the death, the viewer is treated to some truly spectacular action and special effects. This moment is a reminder of why these two creatures have become so beloved by fans of the franchise, and it's also a great example of how cross-overs between different sci-fi franchises can be incredibly entertaining.

  • #8. "The Twisted Birth of the Newborn" (Alien: Resurrection, 1997)


    The newborn xenomorph's birth in "Alien: Resurrection" is a twisted and creepy moment that's hard to forget. As the creature emerges from its host, it's clear that it's not like any other xenomorph we've seen before - it's malformed, with an almost human-like face and a strange, childlike demeanor. This moment is a reminder that the xenomorphs are not just deadly killing machines, but also a product of the twisted experimentation and genetic manipulation of their human creators.

  • #7. "Brad Dourif Takes on the Xenomorphs" (Alien: Resurrection, 1997)

    Jaw - are

    Brad Dourif's character in "Alien: Resurrection" faces off against a group of xenomorphs in a tense and brutal scene. As the xenomorphs close in, Dourif's character desperately tries to defend himself with a makeshift flamethrower. This moment is a great showcase for Dourif's talent as an actor, and it's also a reminder that sometimes, even the bravest and most skilled humans can't stand up to the xenomorphs.

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  • #6. "Canine Birth of Horror" (Alien 3, 1992)


    In "Alien 3," a xenomorph bursts out of a dog's chest, setting off a chain reaction of horror and chaos. This moment is particularly grotesque and disturbing, as the newborn alien is still covered in blood and viscera from its host. The xenomorphe's only mistake here is killing a dog, as it is sure to attract a wild john wick that will not rest until the doggy killer is shot in the head.

  • #5. "The Space-Jockey Enigma" (Alien, 1979)

    Motor vehicle

    The space-jockey scene in "Alien" is a haunting and enigmatic moment that's been the subject of much speculation and interpretation over the years. As the crew of the Nostromo explores a derelict alien spacecraft, they come across the remains of a giant alien creature, seated in a chair with a hole in its chest. This moment raises all kinds of questions about the larger universe of the Alien franchise, and it's a great example of how a single image can be incredibly evocative and memorable.

  • #4. "The Colonial Marine Massacre" (Aliens, 1986)

    Flash photography

    The Colonial Marine massacre in "Aliens" is a horrifying moment that shows just how dangerous the xenomorphs can be in large numbers. As the Marines try to hold off the alien onslaught, they're quickly overwhelmed and torn apart by the creatures' acid blood and razor-sharp teeth. This moment is a stark reminder that the xenomorphs are a force to be reckoned with, and they won't be stopped easily.

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  • #3. "Ripley's Power Loader Showdown" (Aliens, 1986)

    Musician - M

    In "Aliens," Ripley dons a power loader to do battle with the Alien Queen, who's taken Newt hostage. When the Queen tries to attack Ripley, the two engage in a brutal fight that ends with Ripley screaming her famous line, "Get away from her, you b****!" This moment is a perfect example of why Ripley is such a beloved character in the franchise - she's a badass warrior who will do anything to protect the people she cares about.

  • #2. "Navigating the Ducts of Doom" (Alien, 1979)

    Flash photography

    In "Alien," the character of Dallas ventures into the ship's air ducts to try and flush out the alien creature that's been stalking the crew. The scene is tense and claustrophobic, as Dallas struggles to navigate the dark, narrow tunnels while the alien inches closer and closer. This moment is a great example of how the "less is more" approach can make for truly terrifying horror, as the viewer's imagination fills in the blanks of what's happening off-screen.

  • #1. "The Chestburster Surprise" (Alien, 1979)

    Medical procedure

    No surprises here. The chestburster scene in "Alien" is undoubtedly one of the most iconic moments in the entire franchise. As the crew of the Nostromo gathers around the dinner table, everything seems relatively calm - until suddenly, a creature bursts out of Kane's chest, spattering everyone with blood and sending the movie into a completely different direction. This scene is a masterclass in horror movie tension and shock, and it set the tone for the entire franchise that followed.


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