Top 10 Favorite Funny Amazon Reviews That Had Us In Tears

  • 1
    Amazon review of English Grammer for Dummies by a Russian villager who came to America to make it big, just needs to learn better English.
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  • 2
    Funny Amazon review for box of BIC pens.
  • 3
    Hilarious Amazon review for Banana Slicer product.
  • 4
    Amazon customer reviews a link cable that solves global warming.
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  • 5
    Funny Amazon review for bulk box of Kleenex by a mom of 3 teenagers who need it for you know what.
  • 6
    Pure comedy gold Amazon review of water based 55 gallon drum by a hopeless romantic.
  • 7
    Funny Amazon review for fancy knife set that sounds like Pimp My Ride.
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  • 8
    Funny Amazon review for Titanium Chronograph watch that saves you enough to buy a BMW.
  • 9
    Funny Amazon review for Provolone Piccante Cheese being oval and not good for cheese rolling race.
  • 10
    Funny Amazon review for Nike Air Foamposite shoes that cost $1,500 but are worth going homeless for.


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