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Blind Cat Brothers Born Without Eyelids Spend Two Years as 'Unadoptables'; Get Rescued and Live a Stellar Life


Cats that have disabilities, especially ones that will require life-long care, often get ignored at the shelter and forgotten by the wayside. However, there are people out there that restore faith in humanity's inherent goodness who actively seek out kitties who have whopping health problems, like blindness, giving those cats an amazing life that they never saw coming. 

Chas, a plant and pet-fluencer, recently shared the journey of how she adopted her two blind boys. Beifong and Seymour, a duo of tabby brothers, were born without eyelids and consequently went blind. They lived for two years at the shelter before Chas found them on Petfinder and their story is truly inspiring. 

Chas was randomly scrolling a pet adoption app when she stumbled upon one of these tabby beauts. She noticed that they had no eyes and had been living with an insane eyelid condition as well as the health maintenance required, but Chas had no fear! 

Like any cat lover, Chas was inspired by their story and wanted to bring them into her life with her other pets (a dog, two other cats, and a tortise). In doing so, she opened a chapter in all of their lives that would guide them forward into a world of wholesomeness. Surprisingly, the blind brothers are just like any cat. Contrary to what most people probably thought for those two years they were in the shelter, the boys get on extremely well in life. 

They can jump accurately and nimbly with flawless catto form.

They can hide and stalk their ‘prey’, playing just like any cat would. 

The brothers can play games of chase with the other cats in the house. 

And they can even do the cute ‘slow blink’ that we all love to see when you give your cat a little head scratch

Beifong and Seymour have a luxurious life in their new home and, because their new hooman-mom is a pet-fluencer, their story is shared to millions online who might be considering their own disabled pet. Hopefully their heartwarming story can inspire other future pet parents so that cats like these two blind brothers don't need to spend their first two years of life all cooped up in a shelter. 

For now, we can simply rejoice that a couple of good cats found an exceptionally lovely home. Want to start every morning with cat memes, shenanigans and cuteness? Sign up to our daily newsletter!


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