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28 Times We Hilariously Caught Councils Of Cats Plotting To Take Over The World

  • 1

    First we lure the humans in with silly memes, then they follow us… to their doom!

    Cat - @orazio_kovac Meme cats ANNUAL MEETING orasio Kovac

    Cats can play the ultimate long game, full of tricky plans and diversions. They domesticate us with their cuteness and their adorable meows, then they make us obsessed with them from cat memes, and then, they become the masters and us the slaves!

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  • 2

    Cuddle puddle or secret ritual?

    Cat - Ash

    This is without a doubt a ritual to summon some cat of legends past to lead the feline race to the end of the world as we know it. And yet, we know it, but we can't do anything except take pictures of how darn cute they are!

  • 3

    The council inspecting our first born

  • 4

    Council meeting today in my living room, apparently.

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  • 5

    Already taken over the ice creams! After finishing their nap, they are coming for the world.

    Cat - Tweny c MAX DOCLE UBORG
  • 6

    Lunch was 3 minutes late. I believe they are plotting my demise.

    Cat - chen AUTUMN SKY BURT'S BEES of Mill H
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  • 7

    The council of transportation

    Tire - FD UC
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  • 8

    The council of councils

  • 9

    The council is displeased at my arrival time

  • 10

    The council will decide your fate…

    Cat - FARD
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  • 11

    Let’s take a vote ???

    Cat - Meow The Council Of Cats will now vote to confirm that cats rule and dogs drool. All in favor, say meow. Meow MOOF?
  • 12

    The hoomin has been indoctrinated

  • 13

    The Council will preside over your case now

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  • 14

    Wise council of tabbies

  • 15

    Catered meal for the council

  • 16

    The Council would like to recognize the struggle of our black brothers as many of them find themselves without a home after all the pumpkins are gone

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  • 17
  • 18

    The council continues the hoomin's war training

  • 19

    First time trying wet food. They sent one to see if it was safe while the rest formed a council.

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  • 20

    I interrupted their meeting. What are they plotting?

  • 21

    The perfect disguise to infiltrate the human world

    Sleeve - SPIRIT 3 Cats in a Trenchcoat u *Cats not included HUMAN Size Costume ONE SIZE FITS MOST @DryMouthKitty
  • 22

    Why would you come here and disturb our meeting?

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  • 23

    We are one, we are many

    Black - Just found out that the grey cat i see all the time in my neighborhood is actually at least 4 separate identical cats. Went outside and they were all just vibin together. I'm fi losin it n big worm enjoyer / @bigbootyderek Update:
  • 24

    Morning meeting of the council in the sun

  • 25

    Walked in on a the weekly meeting of brain cells

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  • 26

    In line waiting to take their council seats?

  • 27

    The council has some new fluffy additions

  • 28

    I interrupted their meeting. What are they plotting?

    Cat - Merry Christmas


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