19 WTF Comments On Social Media That Are Soaked in Cringe

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    cringe - Text - [-1 [score hidden for 60 minutes] 1 minute ago so you admit that being a kind, generous, supportive person is not an attractive trait to women. nothing I didn't already know. this is why I have 130gb of hentai saved on 6 different hard drives. real women are not even worth the trouble. fix your attitude, ladies, or you'll drive ALL the good ones away permalink save parent report give gold reply
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    cringe - Text - 1 day ago 2013 is The Year of Trap ? Fine with me. "Rides Out into sunset on Magical Sea Monkey Reply 11 hours ago what? in reply to Reply 3 hours ago Since You Don't Know me, nor do I know you You don't have the mental capacity of understanding my randomness and/or weird or eratic behavior. Reply in reply to
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    cringe - Text - Killsonik Bloodlust ZoupicMusic 159 videos 127,060 Subscribed 1,405 34 Like Share Add to About Published on May 29, 2012 My goodness, the first time I heard this, I thought my system was going to explode. I thought I absolutely had to share this with everyone, and since this was JUST released on Beatport, it's Show more ALL COMMENTS (322) Share your thoughts Top comments 4 days ago This song makes me want to hit something unnecessarily hard Reply 1 1 week ago Try blasting it at o
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    cringe - Text - 2 months ago "Moan* Ahh. Ahh. AHHH.. Mphhff.. (blowjob) in reply to Reply 2 months ago IM GONNA GIVE YOU A FREE REFILL!!! in reply tol Reply 2 months ago mmpff i'd..mmm like that ahh. in reply tol Reply oVIES 2 months ago CUM FLOODS YOoUR MOUTH and some of starts coming out your nostrils in reply to Reply 2 months ago mmm. im ready GIMME IT in reply to Reply PONIESH 2 months ago shoves his dick into your horse pussy in reply to Reply
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    cringe - Text - Top Commenter Can we stop making this news? Reply Like 74 Follow Post about an hour ago Top Commenter Finally someone understands Reply Like 5.52 minutes ago Did...did you just post something and then agree with yourself? Reply-Unlike 33 17 minutes ago Follow Top Commenter Did you just reply to yourself. Reply Like 2 13 minutes ago
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    cringe - Text - Would love to be asleep right now about an hour ago via Mobile Web Like Comment and like this. hi beautiful. hey if i was walking & healthy I would take you to south beach maimi in florida. just observing the freaks down their would give you a good laugh. Yeah believe it or not I drove a cheap white sports car & dated female model types lol. i didnt have many girlfriends & i stayed a virgin till the girl who was a model i slept with and dated right befor the young lady i married.
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    cringe - Text - what the hell did I just read!? Reply Like4 Follow Post August 20 at 10:12am I don't know, but you do realize that by now, hundreds of people have stalked your profile, right? Reply Like8.August 20 at 10:26am do you realize that informing me that makes me think your one of them too? A-Av Reply Like 8 August 20 at 10:29am Clever thinking, Clever thinking. Buti think a more straightforward argument would be that you look attractive on your prof pic and I have noticed that. Although
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    cringe - Text - Yesterday at 16:25 8 people like this. View all 9 comments Peter Wow, I wish you weren't my aunt Yesterday at 25 thats just weird peter. haha. 13:58
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    cringe - Text - Jennifer Omg I love the song alien by britney spearss cantstoplistening!! Like Comment 24 minutes ago 7 people like this. Rick beautiful, intelligent, and charming as you would enjoy Tistening (f one can even call it that) to talentless, computerized sounds created by large corporations for the sole purpose of profit! 23 minutes ago Like I cannot believe, Jennifer, that a lady as Rick some more classical, enchanting tunes! 23 minutes ago Like Please message me and I'll be glad to
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    cringe - Text - 1 week ago The pain of such beauty created from the heart of a man unable to hear it expressing it with what is left of his soul and humanity in torment that he is deprived from the simplest pleasure.. hearing the very work he created Reply 90 1 week ago Holy fuck you just blew my mind in reply to Reply 11 6 days ago While your language is not of the same realm of choice as my own, I appreciate your recognition of the depth of meaning my comment has intended. Ultimately the mind
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    cringe - Text - Follow June 7 Like Comment Share 6 people like this. Hot hot hot!!! scene from titanic June 7 at 1:34pm Like 1 Lol looks like the aways looking beautful Mary and Albert she is more than just hot.there are many other words that would describe her more than hot she is admirable, adorable, alluring, angelc, appealing, beautiful, captivating, charming, classy, comely, cute, dazzling, delicate, delightful, divine, elegant, enthralling, enticing, excellent, exquisite, fair, fascinating
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    cringe - Text - went from being "in a relationship" to "single." Like Comment about an hour ago Michael ikes this. |-Tilts head- You okay? Robbie about an hour ago Like
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    cringe - Text - Like Comment Share 9 people like this wow u r so pretty and have vry good body specially ur tits, I vry like eat ur tit's and suckin ur nippels 1 hr-Like wtf.. 1 hr Like 3 sexy 1 hr Like Write a comment...
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    cringe - Text - 8 people like this. Lissa Monday at 5:46pm you look so beautiful ) yeah I rate this pic a 7.8 on the chubby scale Benjamin 19 hours ago Kacey than a 7.8 on the fat as shit scale. 8 hours ago -(I guess a 7.8 on the chubby scale is better OH MY BAD! I meant chubby as in BONER. I AM Benjamin TERRIBLY SORRY. ERECTION! I MEANT ERECTION! 8 hours ago-1 person Benjamin didn't occur to me. Sorry! 8 hours ago I was drunk when I wrote that last night,, so it Well that compliment certainly b
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    cringe - Text - Im 25 and I find stacy to be mega hot. I just know it is wrong to go after girls who are almost half my age. They have the hot body but they don't have the mental maturity. I don't want to think that it is because I am getting old, but I have more of the urge to Read more Reply 1 4 weeks ago I think you just need to return some Video tapes Patrick. Reply | 4 weeks ago (edited) No, I assure you it's not weird, it's not wrong, and you're not going insane. it's just biology. I'd thi
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    cringe - Text - 1 year ago Only faggots get thumbs uped Reply 260 1 year ago Hahahaha, you just confirmed on being a faggot. in reply to MotleyStocks Reply 184 11 months ago Haha and u didnt? in reply to Oggy White Reply 78 7 months ago Your all faggot's! L in reply to Namee LessS Reply 55 4 months ago Now Ur A Faggot Aswell (No One Like This Comment - -) Reply 58 in reply to jimmy savvile 58 3 months ago ur a faggot too Reply 41 in reply to Danish Hussain 2 months ago that just made you a fag h
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    cringe - Text - you beingsquirrelkin doesnt mean your children willbe, and its not right to force it,for all any1 knows your children could be wolfkin, would you stop them from delvig into their innermost selves &having happy lives to feed your squirrel obsession? do you have any idea about how biology works? i am genetically meant to be a squirrelkin. i will breed with another squirrelkin. genetically speaking, my child will have the DNA of a squirrelkin. and if they don't, i'll nurture them in
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    cringe - Text - about an hour ago Share and 8 others like this. woah..your sooo00 beautiful, you look amazing with short hair about an hour ago haha aw thanks juan its really really short thol! about an hour ago my cousin has it shorter. text me? about an hour ago thought id die if i ever went this short but im still alive hahaha i just didnt want it this short some meany cut my hair cause he needed a "hair model"....thats what happened :/ about an hour ago 1 well i think it looks great on you..


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