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This Cat Is Living An Adventurous Life Despite Being Blind

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    Meet Stevie, an old blind cat from Ireland that proves that neither youth nor vision are necessary to live the life of an adventure cat

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    Patrick Corr adopted Stevie from a vet three years ago. The Animal Care Society of Cork was paying for the feline’s stay, but Stevie needed a forever home

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    “I wasn’t even looking to adopt a cat, but when I heard she badly needed a home, I couldn’t resist,” Corr wrote on Imgur.

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    Sharing his home with a blind cat required some adjustments, but Corr did what he could to ensure Stevie would be safe and comfortable.

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    But just because Stevie is blind doesn’t mean she doesn’t love to explore the world outside her home.

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    She’s a natural explorer and loves to accompany Patrick on hikes in the beautiful Irish countryside

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    Since she’s blind, Stevie navigates with a combination of her senses, especially her extremely sharp smell

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    She uses her paws to judge distances to make sure she doesn’t fall off ledges and keeps low to the ground so her whiskers can detect her immediate surroundings

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    Last year, Corr took Stevie on a hike in the Comeragh Mountains, the highest mountain in Ireland and captured the experience on film

    In the heartwarming video above, he shares Stevie's story, along with the important life lessons his feline friend has taught him.


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