I Can Has Cheezburger?

These Cats Don't Understand Personal Space

  • 1

    "Hooman... What are you doing?"

    cat hanging out on your hands on the keyboard
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  • 2

    "Let me help you brush those teeth"

    Cat getting in the way of human brushing her teeth.
  • 3

    Look into only my eyes....You only have eyes for me!

    face cat
  • 4

    "Hmmm, interesting. Are you done? Can you turn the page?"

    book cat
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  • 5

    "Pay attention to me and only me!"

    tablet cat
  • 6

    "Aren't I cuter than whatever you're looking at?"

    cat getting between your eyes and the ipad
  • 7

    "Keep going, this giant litter box won't built itself."

    cat on the workers
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  • 8

    You almost left without me!

    cat on the driver
  • 9

    Stop moving slave... I need a nap.

    cat on woman's head
  • 10

    Isn't my tail lovely?

    cat on girls face
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  • 11

    Look, I'm helping, I'm keeping your face warm.

    cat sleeping on someone's face
  • 12

    Why are you in water?

    cat checking out woman in bathtub
  • 13

    Paint me!

    cat on the painting area
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  • 14

    "Fred, Fred! Look at the new game the hooman got!

    cats all over man on armchair
  • 15

    My Hooman. Get Your OWN!

    cat on sleeping mans mouth
  • 16

    You almost went into the bathroom without me.

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  • 17

    Yup, Boring story. It even put human to sleep.

    cat on sleeping woman
  • 18

    Is my butt not the fluffiest thing eva!!!

    cat butt in face of woman reading a book
  • 19

    Don't worry they also don't understand boundaries when it comes to other cats too.

    cuddle cats


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