Creep Has a Cringeworthy Meltdown and Wishes For the Death of All Women After He Gets Rejected

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    Text - 35%自 12:00 AM yG 10 Q Search Active now Your day Add something to your day MAR 14 AT 7:21 PM I was wondering if you want to mate and raise a child together Thats a really odd question to ask lol Say yes anyway Im in a relationship im sorry haha No problem. Let me know if you would like to breed with me and start a nice family. MAR 14 AT 7:36 PM I'm not trvina to iinx anvthina but Aa +
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    Text - yG 35% 12:00 AM 10 Q Search Active now Your day Add something to your day IVIAR 14AL7.50 IM I'm not trying to jinx anything but if you become single please let me know MAR 27 AT 12:18 AM Hey there APR 16 AT 12:45 AM Неу MAY 4 AT 5:16 PM Неу Нey Aa +
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    Text - 35% 12:00 AM 4G 10 Q Search Active now Your day Add something to your day MAY 4 AT 5:16 PM Неу Неу Неу Неу Неy Неу Неу Неу Неу Aa
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    Text - 35% 12:00 AM yG 10 Q Search Active now Your day Add something to your day Неу Неу Неу Неу Неу Неу Неу You missed a call from May 4 at 6:10 PM CALL BACK Aa +
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    Text - 35% 12:00 AM IG 10 Q Search Active now Your day Add something to your day MAY 9 AT 1:15 AM Неу Нeу Неу Неу Неу Неу Неу Неy Неу Aa
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    Text - 35%自 12:00 AM yG 10 Q Search Active now Your day Add something to your day You missed a call from May 24 at 12:16 AM CALL BACK You missed a call from Thu at 11:56 PM CALL BACK You missed a call from Thu at 11:57 PM CALL BACK You missed a call from Thu at 11:57 PM CALL BACK + Aa
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    Text - ad 31% 4:27 PM Add Friend 4G Add Friend See More 13 mins I'm realizing more and more that I actually hate the female gender (other than family). Everything about the female gender's personality traits disgusts me. Literally everything. The only way I'm attracted to women is sexually, and thats not enough of a reason to put up with their shit. Females are just disgusting pieces of shit emotionally. Total cowards. No loyalty Completely fake. Obsessed with image. Shallow. Argumentative. No r
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    Text - 47% 11:37 AM Like 3 Reply 8 hrs. Women are terrible people. Cowardly liars who only care about their image. Constantly judging others at first sight. Expecting special treatment and throwing a fit otherwise. Completely dishonest and shallow. The media has taught women that being a decent person does not matter in this world if you have looks. Basically, the female gender is a huge group of shallow, bratty cowards with chips on their shoulders. Kinda wish something would be done about it t
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    Text - 43% 1:41 PM 4G ttps:// 2 15 Check In Photo More What's on your mind? Post 27 mins Women won't shut the fuck up about getting their points across. They need muzzles. 5 8 Comments Like Share Comment Women are dogs. Men are kings. Like 1 Reply
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    Text - 11 mins Honestly women are pretty decent. Until you get to know them..
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    Text - 30 mins Women are too easily persuaded and usually dishonest about their feelings. If you're a woman you're probably a fucking coward.. Just saying 3 8 Comments
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    Text - 3 mins I wish there would be an "all women" massacre, except like a billion women would seriously celebrate. Whores fucking deserve to die. Burn in hell, cunt scum
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    Text - Like Reply More 15 minutes ago She's not being honest at all hahahaha. The truth is women are very DISHONEST and arguing with me is just fucking annoying Like Reply More 14 minutes ago
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    Text - 52% 9:45 PM 1 3 Comments Share Like Comment Like Reply 31 mins psycho slutty liars and want what they can't have, and also are attracted to assholes 99% of women are 1 Comment Like Share Comment People You May Know 1 mutual friend 1 mutual friend Add Friend Add Friend
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    Text - 41 mins Women want what they can't have. Thats why when you "play it cool" they're most likely to stick around vs you being honest and saying you like them. Thats also why they tend to choose assholes instead of nice guys, because it's more of a challenge to try and change someone than to have someone who actually deserves you. Modern day women are completely insane. Finding a sane woman in 2017 is like finding a unicorn in your backyard. It just doesn't happen
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    Text - You all say the same thing though. You all say that there's some good woman out there but what you aren't taking into thought is the fact that the good women are taken and the bad ones are going for bad men. So that leaves the nice guys with nothing. That's what I'm trying to say. The nice guys stay alone while the assholes are dating women Like 2 Reply More 5 hours ago And if a nice guy happens to come across a woman who wants anything to do with him, he will end up getting screwed even
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    Text - 13 hrs (Some fat girljust live streamed a video dedicated to me and was screamimg profanity and interviewing people trying to turn them against me T 12 3 Comments Like Share Comment 15 hrs (Women are way more shallow and judgmental than men. women are also way less honest than men and cover up their lies daily. Just a few reasons I dont date. Hey women out there, please stop being so shitty? It's bad for mankind. Thanks.
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    Text - 15 mins Women who say words like "dude" and "bro" are fucking dumb whores.
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    Text - 10 hrs Do you ever notice that women never hook guys up with their friends anymore? Its like a jealousy thing. Kinda goes along with wanting what they can't have. they're already taken or can't have that particular gu they refuse to hook him up with a friend because they're jealous. In fact in MOST cases they will totall cock block the guy to the point where he can't even talk to the friend. Pretty shitty honestly.
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    Text - 4 mins Any guy should know to never trust a woman, whether it's romantic or just friendship. Women NEVER follow through with their words. Women are liars and feel no remorse.
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    Text - 1 hr I will never have pitty for a girl who has broken a thousand hearts. Karma will take it's place. So if she finds herself in a fucked up situation I will be the last one to bail her out. That's how it works. You get what you give.
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    Text - 9 mins Conclusion to recent events- The shitty women are in denial of being shitty. 9 out of 10 of them are in denial, while the remaining ones fully admit to being shitty people. We live in a society where pretty women beat the shit out of average men in every social aspect. Pretty has MANY advantages over men. So many to the point where something has to be said. Women use men because of our sex drives to get what they want and then brag about it. The typical female is entirely selfish,
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    Text - 4 mins Number one reason I don't trust women- There will always be a better man to a woman. There will always be that man who manipulates her by wit or humor or talent into a sexual craving or seduction. For women the grass really is greener on the other side. This is why I dont trust women because the minute your back is turned there is that certain level of temptations and cravings and gossip and dishonesty. Right when they're out of your site they're immediately discussing private thou
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    Text - 13 mins It's pretty obnoxious when a girl gives a guy her phone number and then BARELY talks to the guy. Giving out your number is still a thing. Making plans to have a date is an even bigger deal. All I'm asking is please, ladies if you make a plan to hangout with a guy or give out your number, don't be a bitch and ignore him!! Thats just voluntarily ruining your reputation and burning bridges because you're too lazy to keep up with the guys you choose to talk to.
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    Text - Honestly from what I see with relationships its not worth it. Women are into the wrong men, the manipulators. The guys who dont know how to treat them right, the guys with money, the guys who are the "hottest." Nice guys stay single. Women crave manipulation and drama..If a guy can't convince her he's concieted she's not interested. The guy has to convince the woman he's better than the other guys, and that's not my fucking life. Its not my job to try to manipulate a woman into thinking I


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