Morning Meme Dump: 23 Random & Funny Memes

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    Text - When you fall in love with someone you have no chance with HIGH VOLTAGE ADANGER DANGER NOT ONLY WILL THIS KILL YOU IT WILL HURT THE WHOLE TIME YOU'RE DYING
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    Cartoon - Sorr 5/4 That moment when shit just got seRIous SYO
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    Face - "I know a brunch spot with all you can drink mimosas"
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    Bumper - 40% 19:09 o giffgaff 4G i Pappss OVER Fuck u dad I do what I want Read 19:08 Get the fuck off my car you fat orange cunt
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    Hair - would you consider your clothes style as outrageous? me - "what no?" @gainstutorial
  • 6
    Vehicle - IS DIS A DAMN AUTOMOGRILL? HAIM Fan Account @Reverend DrDash I don't know whether to be amazed or appalled by this:
  • 7
    Dish - "Man are out here arguing over pineapple on pizza when satan is evolving..."
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    Product - Delete this before my mom sees it TIME @TIME Washing dishes is a great stress reliever, science says FO1 pSy ME
  • 9
    Junk food - They don't call me Chef Boy Arby's for no reason @thehoodlives
  • 10
    Shelf - ECLIF Because two trips are for cowards betv
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    Text - Note that my co-workers daughter wrote to him Dad. D told You Please dm't Shave the cats. And YOu Knew hon Sad last time. was So why did yo u do it will not Therefor Speak to You Hate, tove Ava
  • 12
    Product - Plaisinen pleimair @svagelj WARN De12yONOH MISE EN GARDE SOLES CAO (zog) Ready to blow this summer away
  • 13
    Dvd - Accurate representation of me after a powerfully uplifting pep talk NO POSTAGE NECESSARY F MAILED IN THE STATES @highfiveexpert UNBR EAKABLE OP A ETFLIX Y Cye L PEPMIT FIRST-CLA NETFLIX POSTAGE 37863 Unbreakable An ordinary man makes an extraordinary discoery when a train crash leaves hie fellow passengers dead but hin unscathed. Is he truly unbreakable? The andwer could 1lie with a mysterious man with a disease that renders his bones as fragile as glass. 01-500850204 Rated PG-13 1 hr. 46
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    Text - Uranus 'gapes wide open for blasts of hot wind', scientists claim Uranus 'opens wide' on a daily basis to let in blasts of solar win... 5h neopetcemetery someone has waited their entire career to use this headline i-sucked-dick-on-accident I can't believe Uranus be bussin it wide open
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    Cheezburger Image 9062965504
  • 16
    Text - A year for us is 7 for dogs, so 1 day is 30 for them.Explains why ur dog gets excited after a day w/ O seeing u, its cuz it felt like forever Ghost @KillianTrill Whats on your mind?
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  • 17
    Dog - This dog is about to explode and he knows it
  • 18
    Face - Manager iMessage Today 8:42 PM mesare Can you come in tomorrow?
  • 19
    Rim - You sit on a throne of lies Non-stick Fry Pan 25 cm FOE @peador
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  • 21
    Dog - Zero fucks given LOST
  • 22
    Cheezburger Image 9062967296
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