Home Security System Catches Amazon Delivery Driver Taking Care of Business

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Via viralhog
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Well... When you gotta go. You gotta go.

"I came home to find a large piece of poop in front of my house. I originally thought it was dog poop, so I checked my security camera to hopefully find out who's dog it was, so I could have the owner clean it up. To my shock and horror, it was a contract driver to Amazon. I contacted Amazon and advised them to have someone come and clean it up. They sent someone out about 5 hours later to clean it up, but the person was not prepared with the appropriate cleaning supplies. He just scooped it up into a plastic bag and placed the bag next to my garbage can for disposal. He didn't want to take it away in his personal vehicle because it smelled so bad. I also had to hose down the gutter where the remnants were. Amazon apologized and offered me a gift card for my inconvenience and troubles."

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