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Monkey And Wondering Kitten Become Best Friends

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    It's hard to really imagine how this friendship started. Jojo the monkey must has seen something in Alan the kitten… right? Maybe it was the tail? They both have one… or was it the fact that the kitten was so small, and so harmless that Jojo couldn't help but fall in love? (Like all of us would have…)

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    Jojo, a long-tailed macaque was rescued by the Wild Friends Foundation Thailand in 2011. The organization saved him from a restaurant where he was kept in a small cage and used as a prop for customer photos. Now, 6 years later in 2017 Jojo is living a happier, stress-free life of a troupe of rescue macaques at the wildlife center.

    So Alan, the adorable kitten. In late August of 2017 the black-and-white domestic youngster wandered into a field where the macaque crew live and seemed to have befriended Jojo, even sharing food with the monkeys.

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    Normally WFFT (the foundation) would not encourage such interspecies relationships, but decided to make an exception this time.

    "Although this is not an ideal situation and something we do not encourage, Alan is unharmed and Jojo seems to love him, so we have decided to leave them together," reads a blog post on the WFFT website. . And we are glad they did! Just look at these two!!

    Adorably, Jojo also enjoys grooming his adopted kitty pal, and let's be honest… Alan probably enjoys this as well because well he is a cat in the end of the day. Basically, like best friends they love to play and do everything together.

    Can this friendship get any cuter!?


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