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How Downloading the New Cheezburger App Will Impress Your Cat

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    This is it, fame, fortune and the nip life

    Photo caption - Disis how Iroll $

    The Internet was made for cats and now you can memeify every waking (er, sleeping) moment of you cat's glamorous life.

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    You've got her attention already


    Nice move human, keep it up and perhaps I'll permit four tummy scratches before I attack you today.

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    Get in there and claim your reward

    Cat - CUTE!

    Congrats, you're well on your way to proving that you aren't just a breathing can opener.

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    If your cat is still bored of you, at least downloading the app will free up the computer for him

    Cat - meh Ihave no idea what I'm doing

    Why just read about it when you can see it for yourself! All these cute cat images have been made entirely with the new app and you can start making your own right now! Download the app from iTunes today. If you're still reading this you can keep reading more about the new app on our blog here, but we promise you it contains a lot less cat gifs.

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