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22 Awwdorable Animal Posts Pawfect To Tackle Thursday

  • 1


    feeling dumb ur.cute.posts 00 00 00 50 because I don't know how to teleport myself to your arms (I should work it out and be with you rn!!)

    There are not many legitimate reasons to allow yourself to fell dumb. Especially since most knowledge is gained and not innate, meaning you have every opportunity to learn. However, when it comes to love and showing affection, that is indeed in your soul and not being able to teleport into your favorite person's arms upon command is truly silly.

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  • 2

    "Such a pleasure "

    us enjoying every slight of the touch of our hands ur.cute.posts holding hands with you for 0.01sec >8mln dollars
  • 3

    "It's mine"

    holding it as hard as I can (I won't ever let me your attention ur.cute.posts it go)
  • 4

    "Everyday, the same question"

    me (in love with you) ur.cute.posts why don't you marry me already?

    There is nothing like a partner who bugs you. They are always there, just trying to show you how much they love you and how much they need to constantly remind you off it. They are pretty sure that marriage will ease this insatiable need. Little do they know that will not be the case…

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  • 5

    "This would be such a powerful nap"

    I wish I could just fall asleep in your arms or on your shoulder every time I feel exhausted ur.cute.posts
  • 6

    "As soon as I meet him"

    I could kiss your pretty face all day ur.cute.posts and I am gonna do it just so you know
  • 7
    am extremely grateful for you 60 ur.cute.posts B and I want to make you be sure of it
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  • 8

    "Simply the luckiest"

    ur.cute posts I am so lucky to have you in my life LONELY you're the most precious thing I have ever held in my hands<3 I don't ever want to lose you
  • 9

    "Keep going rockstar"

    W I have w found my star and it is you<3 ur.cute.posts you W lucky me
  • 10
    me u yapping so you can make me shut up with your sweet lips ur.cute.posts
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  • 11

    "Sooooo much"

    I love you ur.cute.posts *thisss muuuuchhh
  • 12

    "Again please , just one more time"

    I find you very attractive kiss kiss smooch kiss and I hope this could be us one day ur.cute.posts even if this is already us I simply can't wait to kiss you again
  • 13

    "Kiss kiss kiss kiss !"

    you are so polite and sweet you should be loved right ur.cute.posts and that thing, my dear, is my speciality<3 *muahhhhhhh*
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  • 14

    "My sweet baby boy"

    and now tell me how could you not be the best person in the whole world ?! ur.cute.posts being respectful you being smart being supportive being cute being caring being perfect being understanding being sy being responsible
  • 15

    "Catcraft it is"

    believe it or not but it says that we were meant to be ININ VRILOJO ur.cute.posts PISTIK R @
  • 16

    "So Smart and lovely and cute and mmmmm"

    ur.cute.posts I am truly glad that you are the one that is my partner you are a very good person and I love it about you
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  • 17

    "Only serious intentions!"

    me, playing cards ur.cute.posts cuz I won't be playing with u;)
  • 18
    do me a favor Ur.cute.posts and love me 'till death do us apart
  • 19

    "It's so good that you love me"

    I am so glad that you like me being sticked to you ur.cute.posts idk what I would do without you, thank you for being with me
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  • 20

    "Checking it everyday and still in shock! He has such a loving heart"

    you diving in at my heart to steal another portion of love surprised by it's enormous amount because everyday I love you more and more
  • 21

    "The most precious treasure"

    me, enjoying every moment with you<3 ur.cate.posts you are very precious, I Hope u know that
  • 22

    "I love this cat's pic"

    86 me after you didn't tell me that you're already home when you♡ were supposed too ur.cute.posts I love you and i worry a lot if you are safe


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