‘Sorry, I have no desire to help’: Unjustly fired employee takes 18 coworkers with him and 6 months severance, gets revenge a couple of years later by inadvertently shutting down their website

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    "I don't care if this is the last gasp of the organization... Good riddance."
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    Ending my former employers web site A couple years ago I was fired with no notice from my position as a director by a board chair. I had fired a bad employee (with 2 month notice and 1 month severance) and he took offense at it. He called me into his office one night and told me I had to leave by morning. His reason was that by firing said employee I had caused chaos at the organization and many were going to leave (mind you, it was just a couple days later, the employee was still at the job). N
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    Also the organization doubled in size, tripled revenue and more than tripled reach (it is a nonprofit) during my three years there. Anyway, after I left the next morning 1/3 of the 18 member staff put in their notices. Eventually over half left. There's a lot more to the story about the employee but I'll leave it. HR called me a couple days later and asked me what happened because they heard that something happened that didn't seem right. I
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    told them my story. They asked what I wanted (month severance, NDA so not to spread rumors, and a couple other things) the aid they get back to me. About a week later (I had already called a lawyer about wrongful termination) HR called and said after the investigation they found wrong doing and offered 6 months severance pay, NDA and my other requests. I talked to my lawyer and decided to take it. (Bird in hand sort of thing) The board chair did refuse to step down and the employee is still ther
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    The organization didn't really recover. 4 staff now (the employee and two of them that are under her and a new part time assistant). From 18. But I still harbor resentment at my firing. I loved the job and organization. And frankly I've had a difficult time finding a job because of my age and also there aren't many out there for what I do. So, the revenge.
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    Last week I noticed a bill for a year web hosting and other web services on my credit card. I forgot that early on I put my card as a secondary (stupid I know, but we were a small organization) and I assume the organization card was declined. I couldn't log in to the host even though I had a login in the past, so I contacted my credit card company and had charges reversed. Their website is down now, for several days now. Turns out the person who was managing their web site had been let go early
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    "Sorry, I don't know the login and have no desire to help recover it. You are on your own" I don't care if this is the last gasp of the organization and those three lose their jobs. Good riddance. Though I'm sure they will figure a way to get it back, it's nice to see them struggle.
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    SpareParts4269 You should buy the domain out from under them. 22 22 + More replies Reply ____rum_ham_ . Buy the domain and lease it to them. Recurring revenue. ↑ 7 3 Reply
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    MNConcerto Oh well, socks to be them. I'm guessing she knows she can do everything better and "knows" everything but forgot to get needed passwords and access on a lot of systems etc. ↑ 3 ↓ Reply
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    Sterek01. Actually if you pay you could already be the domain owner. If so, your next step is to purchase any other domains of the permutations of the company name. Reply ... Any_Replacement_8324. I like this one.. ☆ 4 Reply ...
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    Difficult-Novel-8453. Love it! That was a great poke in the eye for those . Well played > ↑ 33 Reply TheKindaHappyPainter Sadly, they won't learn their lesson. 13 Reply


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