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7 Animals That Mate for Life in the Wild

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    See, that's pretty adorable. Look at that fuzzy little couple. They look like a cranky elderly couple that likes to sit in rocking chairs talking about the good ol' days.

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    Black Vultures


    Love is apparently blind. Or, at least I hope it is. Still you got to hand it to the black vultures to finding a partner in the first place.

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    More birds, jeez birds sure like to mate for life. And the albatross are no different. Plus they do ridiculous mating dances. More animals need to do ridiculous mating dances.

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    A wolf pack is actually a wandering family. There's a mom, a dad and wolf cubs. That is, until the cubs grow up to find mates of their own.

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    Bald Eagle


    These majestic creatures may symbolize freedom, but not free love. They stay monogamous better than most humans. And is it just me or do bald eagles always look angry? Looks like they are a domestic dispute waiting to happen.

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    Beavers not only mate for life, but both the male and female take very active rolls raising their little beaver kids. Beavlets? Sure, beavlets sounds right.

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    French Angelfish

    Marine biology

    These glistening fish mate for life, their WHOLE life. We're talking cradle to grave. From a very early age French Angelfish find a mate and the pair of them stick it out through thick and thin. They even defend themselves against other pairs of angelfish.


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