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9 TV Breakups That Are Simply Heart Wrenching

  • 1

    Buffy and Angel: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    The break up made sense, a vampire and a slayer just couldn't stay together, but that just made it all the worse. Angel's blunt demeanor hits you like a lead pipe, leaving the audience bruised and distraught.
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  • 2

    Sam and Diane: Cheers

    The words "Get out" have never felt so cruel. Damn you Sam, damn you.
  • 3

    Carrie and Aidan: Sex in the City

    Sure, Carrie was supposed to end up with Mr. Big, but I wanted to believe Aidan was going to win out in the end. He's just more interesting.
  • 4

    Winnie and Kevin: The Wonder Years

    If this doesn't remind you of your first childhood crush, then I assume you've never had a childhood crush.
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  • 5

    Cristina and Burke: Grey's Anatomy

    Freedom has never looked so painful.
  • 6

    Holly and Michael: The Office

    Sure Michael may be an idiot and this maybe completely awkward, but his pain is horribly real. You can't have comedy without tragedy.
  • 7

    Brittany and Santana: Glee

    Just because it's logical, doesn't mean it still won't hurt like a bastard. Was it the right decision: probably. That doesn't make it suck less.
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  • 8

    Cory and Topanga: Boy Meets World

    Sure, maybe they do get back together. But this moment was the moment Cory finally grew up.
  • 9

    Joey and Pacey: Dawson's Creek

    Damn Pacey, you cold. But, in his tantrum there is truth. Still shouldn't have done it on the dance floor though. Arguments, like sex, should be in a private room. Unless it's group sex, I suppose.


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