24 Legendary Moments From the Troll 'Ken M'

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    Text - Ken M @horseysurprise Jun 16 imagine the maternal warmth of a pig's snout against the buttocks of a lonesome farmhand t 105 10 407
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    Text - Ken M @horseysurprise Jul 5 now's the time for small men to forge themselves into even smaller men t 229 19 651
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    Text - Ken M @horseysurprise Jun 16 imagine how the moon felt when it discovered neil armstrong t518 1.3K 20
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    Text - Ken M @horseysurprise Sep 20 The plaintive din of a wailing grandson reminds us that some hearing aids must always be turned down t 43 355
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    Text - Ken M @horseysurprise 9 Aug 2013 Artists should be free to spend their days mastering their craft so that working people can toil away in a more beautiful world 558 1.8K 19
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    Text - patchesthegreat asked: how did you come up with Ken M? That name was inspired by my first name and last initial 5 years ago 85 notes
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    Text - 23 mins ago Remove Ken M hotter days mean the sun go down sooner 2 Replies 3 mins 56 secs ago Report Abuse Michael OK, Ken. Not sure what you MEANT to say, but keep trying.. Ken M 1 min 48 secs ago Remove if the sun work too hard it get sleepy and go to bed
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    Food - 8 Great Ways to Use Thanksgiving Leftovers By Sunset Magazine | Healthy LMing-11 hours ago Share 1 Email Tweet Pinit Print Ken M10 hours ago Report Abuse 2 we always make just enough food for our family to eat and then we give all the leftovers to our local food bank Mary 10 hours ago Report Abuse That's awesome! I wish I could afford to do that LeslieJ 10 hours ago Report Abuse r you are only making "just enough food for our family to eat. I don't get where the ample "leftovers" to the l
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    Text - Prominent U.S. Mormon activist appeals against excommunication REUTERS March 10,2015 11:11 PM Ken M 2 days ago 10 For those of you passing judgment, is the Mormon practice of collecting their urine in barrels any more bizarre than the Catholic ritual of eating the body of Christ? j2 days ago mormons don't collect urine in barrels. whoever told you that is ignorant 11 Ken M 2 days ago Our pastor says Mormons store their urine in big wooden barrels and roll them down the street on holidays
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    Text - Status update: Facebook to go public, raise $5B Ap Associated Press By Barbara Ortutay, AP Technology Writer | Associated Press-20 minutes ago Recommend <38 in Share Tweet 13 Print Email Ken M 15 hours ago Remove 1 11 would be nice if the govt unplugged the internet on sundays so more folks went to church 15 hours ago Report Abuse Terra 1 It would be nice if the govt didnt allow judgemental people like you to surf the web! Ken M 15 hours ago Remove o 2 the internet was originaly intended
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    Flower - Crowds flock to Virgin 'miracle' tree in New Jersey By Sebastian Smith| AFP -15 hrs ago AFP 39 mins ago Remove Ken M Notice that the scientists are at a sudden loss of words over this?) 28 mins ago Report Abuse 3 Shaun 0 Loss of words? Scientist are working on real issues not missing bark from tree. Ken M Remove 19 mins ago 0 2 They'll probably claim that it's the image of a secular figure like Darwin
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    Text - Is 'Looper'-like Time Travel Possible? Scientists Say Maybe By Clara Moskowitz, LiveScience Senior Writer | hrs 17 mins ago Ken M 52 mins ago | Remove 1 what would you do if you had a time machine? i would go to the future and win a million doller bet at the kentucky derby:) Mike Check 40 mins ago Report Abuse Your logic is a little flawed there bud. 0 40 mins ago Report Abuse Al Poor Ken, you would need to go BACK in the past to win the Kentucky derby. When you ship com
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    Text - Sausage, Egg & Cheese DJimmyDean Jimmy Dean Sausage 256,997 likes 391 talking about this Ken MJimmy Dean Sausage July 9 at 1:28pma i was suppose to get a free sample of your sausage product but they ran out Jimmy Dean Sausage Hi Ken Thanks for getting in touch. Can you please send us a direct message (located under our cover photo) with your contact information so we can help? Like Reply 1 July 9 at 4:55pm Ken M thank you please send the sausage to 3250 Beulah Rd Pensacola FL 32526 Like 7
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    Dish - Top Shots of the Week: October 14, 2013 Getty Images October 16, 2013 12 00 PM Tllartaroada TRADELLA Ken M 3 days ago Remove most restaurants have giant servings of spaghetti that only consist of a few noodles and that is how they rip off their customers Monty 3 days ago Report Abuse So they rip off their customers with more meat than noodles? Ken M3 days ago Remove no they make extra long spaghetti so they can fill a giant plate with only 2 or 3 noodies
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    Dog - Is Kissing Your Pet Okay or Risky? By Pets - Sun, Jan 12, 2014 8:36 AM EST egellamon Ken M 8 days ago We tell our grandchildren that it's safe to kiss the dog as long as they stretch a condom over the snout
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    Text - Ken M @horseysurprise from the dumpy potato to the succulent french fry, nothing satisfies hunger quite like food 11/18/15, 11:16 AM 90 RETWEETS 146 LIKES
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    Text - American History 26 days ago, Who Knew? Videos ONLY 7% OF AMERICANS COULD NAME THE FIRST FOUR US PRESIDENTS IN ORDER... A 2010 survey found that only 7 % percent of Americans could name the first four U.S. Presidents in order. Ken M 21 days ago We don't know our own history because Americans have always been a forward-thinking people. Other countries would do well to follow suit. John 21 days ago Not a good answer at all .you cant really track where you are going if you do not know where
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    Text - Ken M 1 hr- theres no I in collaboraton You and 467 others 20 Comments 32 Shares Love Comment Share Top comments
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    Text - Ken M @horseysurprise grandson just caught the first dead leaf of fall on his tongue 11:55 AM Sep 26, 2014 90 Retweets 138 Likes
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    Text - Belief in God Boils Down to a Gut Feeling LIVE SCIENCE By Stephanie Pappas | -13 hrs ago Comment from Ken M Ken M 17 minutes ago 5 With all the evidence out there, it's a LITTLE bit hard to respect people who doubt the existence of the Bible : Collapse Replies Livingunwantedfetus 15 minutes ago | Report Abuse Evidence? You retard Richard 12 minutes ago Report Abuse What evidence? Ken M 11 seconds ago 1 Embark on a holy pilgrimage to any hotel in America, and lo, there you
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    Text - What to Eat When You Want to Ditch Belly Cellulite Jenny Sugar Popsugar US July 6, 2017 RCF km Ken M 1 day ago we got the Fitpit and lost 2 lbs in less than a wk Hide replies Reply 0 W 1 day ago "Fitpit"? 0 0 km Ken M 1 day ago the Fitpit helps folks develop rock-hard armpits 0 0
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    Text - Homeless Man's Honest Deed Rewarded with $16K Donation, and Counting By William Browning | Yahoo! Contributor Network- Thu, Feb 21, 2013 Email f Share 9659 Tweet 733 in Share Print 8 hrs ago Remove Ken M 4 hell probly blow it all on food and shelter Gary W 7 hrs ago Report Abuse 1 Food and shelter are the basic things for survival, what did you mean by saying that is "blowing" it? Maybe for you there are more urgent and important things- like crack? 6 hrs ago Remove Ken M how come he don'
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    Text - Obama announces debt plan built on taxes on rich Associated Press By JIM KUHNHENN-Associated Press AP - 4 hrs ago fRecommend 680 Print Tweet65 in Share Email Comment from Ken M Ken M 3 hours ago 5 17 what happened to my county Collapse Replies Pdc 3 hours ago | Report Abuse 1 it was never "your" country to start with. It was our country. Maybe the problem is the lens that you look at things through Ken M 3 hours ago Not my country, my COUNTY - I live in barbour county alabama. There was a
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    Product - Dog People vs. Cat People: The Surprising Differences Digest By Reader's Digest Magazine | Pets- Fri, Dec 2, 2011 4:48 PM EST Ken M 16 hours ago | Remove don't forget about the mole people who live in our precious sewers


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