37 Old People Were Absolutely Savage On Social Media

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    old people social media - Text - Tom 47 mins What a great day 65 love it thank you Jesus. Like Comment Share Happy birthday 65, your getting younger every day John Like Reply 43 mins Edited Tom John that is the temperature not my age Like Reply 38 mins
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    old people social media - Motor vehicle - 9 April Got married 9 April and 25 others 3 comments Like Share Comment Pls don't share ur personal problems here Like Beply
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    old people social media - Text - shared s post. hrs July 9 at 1:10am WARNING!!! These two men are going around doors, claiming to be from North West Water and asking for entry to your home to check your taps for possible leaks! DO NOT let them in, they ARE NOT from North West Water!! PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS AS THEY ARE DANGEROUS!! and the surrounding areas knocking on Like Comment Share

    (These are the Wet Bandits from Home Alone)

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    old people social media - Web page - Warwick Davis 33 mins Ready to start my Reddit AMA at 1pm GMT. Here's the link for your questions... im_warwick_davis_ewok_hogwarts_pr.../ I'm Warwick Davis. Ewok, Hogwar... Hey reddit, Warwick Davis here. Ive been lucky eno... REDDIT.COM 7 Comments 4 Shares 68 Like Comment Share Write a comment... Top comments Petra happening. Mind you, my dog died yesterday, so not quite on the ball. I saw you on Who Do You Think You Are the other day
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    old people social media - Text - hrs How do I delete this Like Comment Be the first person to like this.
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    old people social media - Text - 1 hr- price for apple sauce at walmart Like Comment | apple sauce price walmart Like Reply 1 hr help Like Reply-1 hr price for apple sauce at walmart Like Reply-1 hr sauce made from apples at walmart Like Reply-1 hr i need the price for apple sauce at walmart Like Reply 1 hr oh is not the goggle my bad Like Reply-1 hr search google for apple sauce price at walmart Like Reply-1 hr help me search apple sauce price at walmart Like Reply 1 hr Li
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    old people social media - Text - photo. 1 hr I would like to FUCK you tonight baby Hot Sex Porn updated their profile picture. Be the first person to like this. Hey dad... All of your friends can see when you comment on this stuff 5 minutes ago Like Reply
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    old people social media - Text - 2 hrs 118 is my record so far THOUZ PRASERS 1THE GAME Thoughts & Prayers: The Game America faces an epidemic of mass shootings. It's up to you to stop them...with the power of your thoughts and prayers. THOUGHTSANDPRAYERSTHEGAME.COM Like Comment Share | and 3 others Makes me so happy to know you knows prayers are important. Love you Grandma Like Reply 3 2 hrs Of course grandma, love you too Like Reply-1-2 hrs Write a comment... GIF
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    old people social media - No need to move to colorado when you can get the good stuff shipped right to your door Raw Flood: 3x Jolliest Ranchers (30mg THC) WELCOME TO CALINEW! IMPROVED! JOLIEST RANCHERSExclusive to CaliKindness and NOWHERE elselJolly Rancher style hard candies in any of these flavors (specify with order or allow us to mix) Updated: Mon Sep 11 6:48:48 PM... RAWFLOOD.COM Comment Share Like and 6 others grandpa used to go to costco for x-MAS to buy ALL OF the Jolliest ranchers to p
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    old people social media - Text - ch 27 at 9:53 PM Amen This man was on his way to bring his sick daughter some comic books but he was savagely beaten and robbed. He managed to recover one of the comics from the robbers. Would you please give a like, share, and an amen for this brave father Like Comment Share and 5 others Bless ya fahm March 27 at 10:04 PM -Like Reply Amen to this guy what a hero March 27 at 10:12 PM Like Reply Amen March 27 at 11:00 PM Like 1 Reply Write a comment... Post
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    old people social media - Text - 10:21 PM Do you get these texts? Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello hello hello Yes Go to bed + Aa
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    old people social media - Poster - Helen Simply Garfield's Group Page 12 hrs I love Paris Hote Like Comment Bobby and 74 others like this. 1 share Garfield go find those ISIS RATSI!! Pick them up and Margaret throw them back to where they came from. Donteat too much Pizza or Laszonia and get bloated with gas. That's itl Catch the ISIS rats and squeeze the cheese. (rotten gases) to the point of no return (lifeless). Like Reply 1-3 hrs
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    old people social media - Text - 16 mins Amy happy easter our brother has bone cancer. Call me Like Comment
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    old people social media - Text - i GK Grandma Text Message Yesterday 11:39 PM Please help me! I am in longitude 0.0 and latitude 0.0, Please help me! Grandma, what do you mean!?
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    old people social media - Cartoon - lew.LFoN fet hate win ela
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    old people social media - Text - Neil deGrasse Tyson@neiltyson Didn't intend to send that last tweet to all. Was responding to someone asking if l'd ever fallen trying to remove my T-shirt 180 t277 1,547 Neil deGrasse Tyson @neiltyson 23m No. I have pretty good balance for my body size. But I have fallen over while attempting to quickly take off my pants. 09 47 2,727 210
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    old people social media - Text - mama iMessage Today 4:34 PM i'm leaving rn Kys what????? Delivered Keep yourself safe
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    old people social media - Text - Green Giant Jo Ann November 23, 2015 Your celery is ALWAYS FILTHY 1 Comment Like Comment Share Chronological Green Giant Hi Jo Ann - I'm sorry to hear that! We appreciate the comment and I'll be sure to pass your feedback along to the rest of our team. -Ashley Green Gia Like Reply December 7, 2015 at 3:22pm Jo Ann WHUP TEE DOO!!! Like Reply December 9, 2015 at 2:58am
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    old people social media - Text - AT&T 9:21 AM 1 48% | 32 mins 69 ain't so bad.Ya'll should try it sometime!!! recently commented. Like Comment and 2 others Is that a way of saying you are 69 today? If so Happy birthday from Linda and me. 22m Like Reply Happy birthday Aunt 20m Like Reply Write a comment.. GIF
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    old people social media - Text - 5 mins Scary thought of the day: Mellenials will become school teachers 3 Comments Like Comment
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    old people social media - Text - GA i 13 Grandma Hello Bryce miss andlove you so much I can't Wait to see you this weekend i have money for you! Imet these pretty Jewish girls and I told them that you are circumcised and they LOVED it-Just imagine beautiful Jewish Catholic babies it is what Jesus would have wanted-Forgiveness. love you miss you-Grandma grandma WHAT Read 9:50 PM
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    old people social media - Text - oo Bell 3G 9:05 PM @11% a Search 19 minutes ago 17 tomorrow Like Comment Share 3 people like this. yrs or weeks... 16 minutes ago Like
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    old people social media - Text - 7 mins- Maybe it's not always about trying to fix something broken. Maybe it's about starting over and creating something better Like Comment Share |And that's why you have a younger sister dear Like-Reply 3 mins
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    old people social media - Text - oo Virgin 34% 20 34 Saturday 2 September MESSAGES now Grandma Poo stains google Press for more MESSAGES now Grandma Rug stains MESSAGES now Grandma How do you clean poo stains from a rug
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    old people social media - Text - all because I said no to bingo night 2m ago MESSAGES grandpa coward 2m ago PHONE grandpa Missed Call 06/10/2017, 02:17
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    old people social media - Text - Timmy 12 mins It's honestly amazing how much more I enjoy doing the dishes when I have 2 essays due on Monday... Like Share Comment and 5 others Nancy Nancy And if you don't do the essays you may be able to make a career of it. Love you Just now Unlike 1 Reply
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    old people social media - Text - Phyllis 7 hrs Walmart my grandson is suposed to be havng a job interview is he there 1 Comment Chronologic al Like Comment Share Hi Phyllis, we hope your grandson did well! Angela Like Reply 2 hrs Phyllis poke bugs on his phone very upset with him Like Reply 2 hrs he didn't go he was busy catching those
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    old people social media - Text - eoo 02-UK 14:10 43% Q Search Ladies and gentlemen, my grandmother... o00 TESCO し* 76% 16:41 Do you want this bowl く1 You Today Granny created group "Do you want this bowl" Granny added you Granny changed this group's icon Granny left You're now an admin Messages you send to this group are now secured with end-to-end encryption. Tap for more info. Write a comment... Post
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    old people social media - Text - Sandra November 2 at 2:04pm WHICH SALAD DRESSING IS YOUR FAVORITE? TS Thosay land Jon Ken's steakhouse blue cheese dressing. Like 1-2 hrs Cathie blue cheese has mold in it Like 34 mins Lee Blue cheese... Like 11 hrs Cathie blue cheese has mold in it Like 22 mins Edited Cora Blue cheese Like 12 hrs Cathie blue cheese has mold in it Like 25 mins Carol Ranch Like 12 hrs Cathie Like 25 mins ranch is good Donna Blue chesse Like 11 hrs there is mold in blue cheese gros
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    old people social media - Product - 79% o T-Mobile LTE 5:08 PM G 5 People Grandpa Ok G Message
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    old people social media - Hair - Love Comment Share You, C and 4 others How did I get so lucky? 23 minutes ago Like Reply run Cause you are a very handsome great guy 2 minutes ago Like Reply Thanks, grandma. Just now Like Reply
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    old people social media - Text - ooo AT&T 6:51 PM 1 46% 0:44 -5:25 Roses E Outkast- Speaker Below MESSAGES now Mom Oh oops. Press for more MESSAGES 1m ago Mom There's also some fried fish oh honey I know you are not fixing to get over in my lane
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    old people social media - Text - Facebook please put pictures from christmas on here Holly D about an hour ago Comment Like Mike D Grandma, what are you talking about? about an hour ago I am trying to put the pictures from Holly D christmas on the facebook but it wont work about an hour ago Mike D robot? LOL!!! Were you trying to command it like a about an hour ago Holly D about an hour ago Your Grandfather told me to try it
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    old people social media - Text - 7:54 PM Happy Happy 17th Birthday whenu were born u weight 10lbs & 22" u r gonna be TALL we had a uncle who was 6ft 5 uncle in the army but shot himself w his gun Hope u had a great day I Love You& 17 min V +Type an SMS message CG
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    old people social media - Astronomical object - Free Event-Solar Eclipse Party AUG. 2T 1272 personerar nreeserade 293 35 kommentarer Gilla Kommentera LMost kids go back to school that day. Can it be done on the weekend? Visa 3 tidigare svar Did this lady just ask to reschedule the sun?
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    old people social media - Text - 11 hrs New profile pic this weekend, stay posted.... Like Comment and 16 others Write a comment... GIF
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    old people social media - Text - Dan Avon and Somerset Constabulary Yesterday at 09:13- hello Daniel. This is your mother . How do I get back on to my own facebook page? and 2.2k others 232 Comments 198 Shares Top comments Like Comment Share Write a comment... GIF Avon and Somerset Constabulary Hi Daniel's mum, this is the police If you click the little arrow icon in the top right-hand corner of the page, it should give you an option to log out. You will then be able to log back into your own ac


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